Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday Snapshots

Back on track with sharing snapshots from my week! It's been a long crazy week and I'm glad to be out of town for a bit for my friend Whitney's wedding. I'm so excited to be a part of her big day and can't wait to see a lot of my sorority sisters that I haven't seen in forever. Enjoy my week in photos!

1. Crabs were an awesome way to end a weekend at home and start a new week. Nothing better than a Maryland blue crab, mmm mmm mm!

2. Packing is getting serious, I think boxes are about to get stacked up to the ceiling...

3. Made baked oatmeal (which I've been wanting to do forever) for my last staff breakfast and it was awesome! Found the recipe via Pinterest

4. Food is getting sparse in my house. So dinner the other night was grilled cheese and it was awesome. I used a little bit of veggie cream cheese and then pepperjack...major nom!

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