Saturday, June 30, 2012

Spider Country

I'm officially done with week one in the office! I am absolutely loving the University of Richmond. With a gorgeous campus, awesome staff and welcoming community I'm not sure there's much I couldn't ever love.

So many signs pointing to UR on the way to campus

Dang trees, I'll need another angle because this doesn't do it justice

Found this my first day, Sig Ep was founded at UR and I snapped it for my Poppi who's a member

Sweet present from MC I came home to my first day

It's been a pretty laid back first week as our office is still conducting a search for another position, but interviewing candidates meant eating in the dining hall all week! Before this TCU has been the best campus food I'd had the pleasure of eating, but I think UR has greatly surpassed it.

Brown Sugar Bacon Cupcakes. Unfortunately I no longer eat bacon, but almost turned on my pescatarianism for these.

We also had a staff retreat and wrapped it up with some time at a All Fired Up, a ceramics painting studio in town. For those of y'all that met me post-high school, I am a ceramics nerd. I took it for three years in high school and my senior year I spent two months on crafting the perfect ceramic gingerbread house complete with a Hershey Bar sidewalk lined with sparkly gum drops. Yep... So naturally I was overjoyed about this outing and had a blast painting a post it note holder while chatting with my new office mates.

I've used downtime this week to do tasky things like get my ID card, parking pass etc. and start decorating my office and bringing all my knick-knacks in to make it feel like home. After I've decided to become a grown up in my new apartment, I was excited to completely decorate my office how I wanted without worrying about being too girly or having a lot of clutter. Though I still don't need clutter in the office.

It's official!

I've started collecting pennant flags from schools I've worked at or attended, inspired by a past supervisor

View outside my window of Westhampton Lake #drool

After this first week I'm really looking forward to the next, the rest of the summer, and especially for students to be back on campus as it's currently eerily quiet and empty. I am glad to have some time to settle and get to know UR before having to work with students though. Can't wait to see what this new job will bring, but judging from the first week it will be a whole lot of greatness!

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