Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Crafternoon Delight


I have thoroughly enjoyed working on some fun projects for the apartment lately. I've had quite a few things on my mind to make and now that we've got all of the basics I've started crossing things off the list!

I desperately wanted to have a wreath after seeing so many fun ones on Pinterest lately. After being inspired by this wreath, I chose some different colors (to match our door mat), snagged a 50% off coupon at AC Moore and voila! The numbers are a bit more off white in person. I wanted a brighter white hydrangea but unfortunately it was all they had.

After seeing a few ideas here and here via Pinterest for displaying tickets I knew I'd have to make one of my own. I have saved tickets for years, from concerts, sports games, movies, festivals and anything else under the sun. I've always had them in a memories box, but this was a much more fun way to display. I found some fun scrapbook paper at AC Moore with different stamps and money from around the world. Naturally I made sure to put my 2010 South Carolina v. Alabama football ticket up front!

I saw this print and loved it! What's not to love about the quote, Miss Hepburn, colors, etc. I've wanted to get a bit of other colors into the living room and with our main color of green this helped to tie them in nicely. I'm thinking of reprinting it on some off white paper because the the white is very bright in a cream colored frame. Though this looks much brighter than in real life.

I've got a few more projects on the list for the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled! Have you done a DIY/craft project lately that you just love?

Monday, July 30, 2012

Strength in Numbers

Like most people I know, I love the Olympics! I've been counting down their arrival, watching trials, reading up on the athletes and anything else I could get my hands on.

I was eight during the 1996 Atlanta games, the earliest ones that I remember. For some reason I had a fascination with mountain biking, and also discovered my obsession with gymnastics. I wore my ballet leotards to watch the competitions and cheered my heart out for the magnificent seven. Dominique Moceanu was my favorite, probably because she was the youngest on the team that year. I remember the look on Kerri Strug's face vaulting with an injured ankle, and she immediately became my hero.

While the outfits and hair styles have thankfully evolved since 1996, the women's gymnastics team still holds the same level of excitement and pride as the magnificent seven. Watching these ladies during trials was awe-inspiring as I came to the conclusion that we could once again take the all-around team gold with this awesome group. It's insane how fantastic they all are. I've been following them all on Twitter since the trials and love seeing their pictures during training and around the Olympic village being just as excited to see other famous Olympians as I would probably be to see them!

I once had my own stint with gymnastics. If you could call it that. I wanted to take gymnastics so badly that when the beginner class was filled, I had my mom put me in advanced. I decided to just stick with dancing.

What's so fun to see is just how humble and purely driven these ladies are. They've worked all of their lives for this moment and now it's happening. Getting to watch them realize they're competing at THE OLYMPICS is the coolest thing. I can't even get over all of the adorable pictures of Mckayla Maroney and Kyla Ross in the gym when they were six, and that they've been best buds since they were little. There was a little snippet of Maroney last night stating something along the lines of "I'm at the Olympics, competing with my teammate and my best friend. Like how cool is that?"

Even though it was tough to see Jordyn Weieber after the preliminaries (and I nearly put my hand through the TV to smack the person who kept her in view while interviewing Aly) on the other hand it was amazing to see Aly Raisman's reaction to seeing that she would be competing in the individual all-around.

Though I hate to play favorites I cannot seem to take my eyes off of Gabby Douglas. This girl is on fire! And no, not like Katniss Everdeen. There's just something about her that's electric. She's such a fierce athlete but also puts on the most charming smile. I'd really like to be friends with her.

I'm now anxiously awaiting tomorrow night to watch the fab five in action! Have you been following the Olympics? What's been your favorite moment so far?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Snaps

Life through snapshots...

Pheebs passed the heck out, because she's a catdog.
Sneak peek of the mantle!

This clock was the score of the century yesterday! We've been searching for one to put above the mantle, and I've been rather picky. We saw this at Big Lots of all places last night and I knew it was it. It has no price so we went to the register and asked for a price check. The cashier said "How about I give it to y'all for $5 if you both sign up for a rewards card?" And that's how we got an awesome clock for $5. 

Pip chillin' with the remotes. It amazes me how much cats love baskets.

Finally filled tons of empty frames that have been sitting around for the past month.

Yes, this is a real product. No, we didn't get it. Maybe one day...
Happy Sunday friends, savor the end of the weekend!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer Vacation

Tricked ya! You really think I get a vacation after one month of work? Head over to Shorelines and Summertime today to see the guest post I did for Sarah on one my absolute favorite things...Wrightsville Beach!

I haven't really been sure how I feel about guest posts, as I typically subscribe to a blog because I enjoy the author, but I like the idea of having guests post about a topic of "expertise" if you will versus random rambling from someone I don't know. 

I you haven't been to Wrightsville then you're missing out, there's still a few weeks left of summer so get to plannin'!


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Time Capsule

When I went home a few weekends ago to see Coldplay (still mesmerized) my parent's house was under total chaos. They're finally having the dark 1970's wood paneling removed from our living/dining room upstairs and also adding a deck off of our sun porch. In addition my sister decided she would use this summer at home to make my mom go through pretty much everything in our house and get rid of tons of junk that we don't need. 

As my mom was cleaning through a storage closet she found boxes of stuff she saved from me, my brother and sister when we were little. It was so fun to look through school projects, essays, pictures, etc. and into the mind of little me. Some were funny, some were disturbing. I wrote an entire essay on how my parents ruined my life when they "forced" me to move between 5th and 6th grade. That one was a keeper!

I snapped a few pics of my favorites to keep! As much fun as it was to look through all of these things I hope when I have children one day I do the same for them. It would be neat to save certain things in a time capsule for a high school or college graduation gift. 

I have been obsessed with the color from a young age...and I still hate yellow cars 
With my mom at the beach--Yes, I had blonde hair when I was little, I've always been obsessed with ice cream, and I look like I might kill someone in that bottom picture

Don't worry I've learned how to spell correctly since then...and what the heck is "I Laks"?

The coolest backpack to have in kindergarten, it paired well with my NKOTB raincoat!

Hope you enjoyed the blast from the past, I was a interesting child. Between all three boxes of childhood memories we were rolling on the ground laughing with some of the crazy things we found in there! I'd highly suggest you look into whatever your parents may have saved!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!

It's that time of the week for The Vintage Apple's Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday!

I'm also excited to share that after linking up last week with the ambition to actually follow through with creating some of my pins I successfully conquered a few. I'll share more later about those endeavors! For today I have a few more things I'd like to add to the to-do list, and my token "just because" pin!

I've been wanting to make some sort of variation of this for a while, especially because Mr. Charming and I have started leaving a lot of notes for each other in the morning. I'm sure he'd enjoy that there's not tons of room for me to leave him a to-do list ;)

 Another one I've had my eye on for a while, though I have a few variations with my idea!

So smart...I'm still not sure how I never thought of using shoebox lids as canvases. Luckily I've bought enough new shoes saved enough shoeboxes over the past few months so that I can do this soon. Just need to decide on placement and design.

Don't really have much decoration in the kitchen and with limited wall space this would be ideal. And who doesn't love Julia Child in their kitchen?

Needing to get in the groove for princess training this is just fantastic. I saw one earlier alluding to Britney Spears that I've used and I crack up when I see it in the morning. I need to find some funny things to add to my alarms!

This project looks too cool! I've bought some herb plants I need to pot and this just may be their new home.

 Sweet & Salty Pretzel Tart with Chocolate Ganache and Peanut Butter Swirl...need I say more? drooling...

And my "just because" pick of the week! I saw this last night and nearly died, especially after showing to MC and him saying "THANK YOU! This is is perfect!!"

What's been your favorite pin recently? Have you followed through with creating/cooking/experimenting with anything?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Chiquita Bonita

I have far too much jewelry (if there is such a thing) and am particular about keeping it all organized. Typically I have some sort of jewelry box that I've used for earrings and have also found ways to organize the other parts of my collection, like a basket for bangles and a wooden hook for necklaces.

When I went home a few weekends ago my mom had discovered an older jewelry box of mine that I stopped using because the glass top broke during one of my many moves. It has a sweet pattern on the inside and is much more spacious and organized for my needs. But what to do about the top?

My crafty mama had the idea of just putting a piece of cardboard in the space as getting glass cut for an odd shape would be too much of a hassle. I figured I'm too lazy for glass and should take this route, but there was no way that I was going to put plain cardboard in this pretty box. It needed to some jazz!

I set out to paint it and naturally gravitated towards finding a fun print (Lilly of course) and not wanting this to be the most time intensive, I thought the Chiquita Bonita print would be great since it's not as involved. I Googled around for a good image of the print and found this tray from Say Hay Gifts inspired by the print.

After sketching it out I was excited to get started painting!

Though I was able to freehand the print, I can never seem to get monograms how I like them. I think it's the "T" for my last name that always messes me up. It's an awkward letter in monograms especially in the middle. I can't wait to drop it some day.

I searched around and found a site that had a sample of a few different monogram fonts and featured all letters of the alphabet so I could craft my own. I chose this font and then sketched it out on the coral circle once the paint dried. I'm bad at letting things be once they're done so after continuously trying to touch it up the monogram got a bit out of control but not too bad. A few coats of glossy Modge Podge later and voila!

So now I still have my pink and girly haven area in the closet, because in my opinion jewelry makes a great decoration as well!

Now that I've used it for a few days, it's sad to always see this when I open the inside. BORING! I'm now deciding on what to do with this blank canvas, potentially modge podging a picture on that side, or painting a quote. Stay tuned!


Saturday, July 21, 2012


Pip and Phoebe, aka Doofy!

Doofy looks like she might kill someone, and Pip is the most socially awkward kitten I've ever known. And Mr. Charming is actually smiling, good to know there is something in this world that can make him smile in a picture. 

After sharing about our sweet new kitties this weekend I got some great naming suggestions from readers and really appreciated the ideas. And the random meow from my bff.

So we didn't end up going with a famous duo, or really any of the names that we originally thought of--but Morgan was a winner!

Pip is still just so teeny tiny that I called her "Pipsqueak" once and then the light bulb went off! Also could be short for Pippa, an absolutely fabulous name for a fabulous kitty.

When I had to start thinking about ridiculous people one person that came to mind was Phoebe from FRIENDS. Morgan suggested it, and a co-worker did as well. For a very eccentric cat we felt this was pretty fitting.

Although she's been named we still keep calling her Doofy, I think it's unfortunately stuck so it shall be her official nickname. She still just keeps doing silly things like running into walls, getting stuck upside down in a crevice made by our furniture and continuing to act like a dog. I'm waiting for the first time we go to the vet and I accidentally call her Doofy. Would they call kitty social services on us?

It's been a fun few days getting used to having these furballs around the house but we're enjoying it. If only we can find out how to get them to sleep at night...

Friday, July 20, 2012

Pretty Pretty Princess

Yesterday was like any normal day. I got up and ready, ate breakfast and made coffee. Jammed out on the way to work enjoying pretty scenery.

Checked my email, worked on some things, went to a meeting. Signed up for a half marathon. 

Yes. Holy moly. I signed up for a half-marathon! It's a goal that I've had forever and after finally running my first race this spring and seeing how much motivation came with it, I knew I could make this work too. 

I'll be running the Disney Princess Half Marathon on February 24, 2013...216 days to get my butt in gear!

If I was going to run a half, I definitely wanted it to be a fun one and this one seemed perfect. I’ll be running along with my friend Lauren that I interned with last summer at TCU. Last summer we were gym accountabilibuddies frequenting 6:00am spin class and being tortured together in boot camp classes.

There’s a training program suggested on the website which I think I’m going to follow, and I’m also looking into a 10K in Richmond to run sometime in the fall as well to really get going. I’m already getting excited about all of the fun pink and glitzy running gear I can find to wear for the occasion and can’t wait to chronicle this journey!

Do you run races? If so, have you ever trained for a half and have any advice? I’m looking for all the best information and tips as I begin!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Home is Where the Heart Is

I can’t believe that yesterday marked one whole month since we moved to Richmond, time is flying! That also means that next week will mark my first month at work. A lot can happen in a month and this one has definitely been chock full of adventure.

We had some interesting encounters while moving, I’ve already grown a love for being a Spider, we traveled to my hometown to see Coldplay and got the furballs.

One thing I’ve loved is decorating a new place and I’ve been excited to share it! We still have some finishing touches, and the guest room is still under construction, but for the most part we’re pretty settled.

The first room I wanted to highlight is our bedroom. There's still some junk in the corners to be put away and I have a to-do list of things to craft and buy for the walls, and dreams of re-staining the dressers darker, but here's the basics:

When I first saw this duvet on Pinterest I knew it had to be mine. At first I was hoping to go more with a yellow/orange warm color route but all of the blues and bright white have been pretty dreamy and calming. I hated our tan walls at first but they make the white look awesome!

Next I found these prints at TJ Maxx and fell in love with them. Luckily the navy tied in well with the bed set. From there I really found the color scheme of navy, turquoise, light blue and coral. I’m still working on some more coral accents, but I’ve wanted that color to stay more subtle.

Don't mind MC's messy "man basket" aka device to not clutter the dresser tops

I was in shock to see a quatrefoil mirror in Target during my last days in Columbia. Really? Of all the shapes out there it was fate for me to stumble upon it…so I knew I had to make it mine. The dried roses have all been surprises from Mr. Charming at some point in time, some from our first Valentine’s together and some from our cruise back in May. I’m hoping to continue this tradition, getting a larger vase to save a flower or two from every bouquet.

One thing I’ve been working at is not getting too cluttered and gathering a ton of knick knacks. Luckily this bookshelf (that was MC’s grandma’s) worked well in the space and has been designated for anything of that sort. I’m hoping to buy or paint something to put above it on the wall. 

Build-a-bears MC made me :)

There's still some work to do and I can't wait to get started on some of these projects for wall decorations, etc. so I'll be sure to share as we go along!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!

I've started following Michelle at The Vintage Apple and love her Oh, how Pinteresting Wednesday series. I love seeing the favorite images, ideas and products that other people have found via Pinterest (which is really one point of the site and the people you follow is it not?) and I like to share my great finds as well.

If you don't already follow me on Pinterest, you can do so here! Do you need an invite to setup an account? Shoot me an email (icon link under my "about me") from the address you'd like me to use and I'll make the magic happen.

One thing I'm awful at is following through with actually using the wonderful ideas and projects that I stumble upon via Pinterest. I'm fairly decent at trying out recipes, or buying/borrowing books I find out about but that's the extent of my "Pinterest to Real Life" exploration. So what I'd like to do is pick out a few things each week to put on a to-do list to actually try (key word try, not succeed). Then there may also be a few "just because" pins sprinkled in the mix for a good laugh. 

So here's the first set of things I'd like to experiment with....

This pin instructs you to put two caps of vanilla extract in a coffee mug and put in the oven for a few hours to freshen the house. From cooking many wonderful things (and neighbors that are constantly cooking curry, like seriously at 7:00am every morning) our apartment sometimes has an intriguing smell when we get home.
Love Ms. Hepburn, love this quote, love the visual of the print. Still needing something else for the living room and thinking this would look lovely printed and framed on our mantle. 

The "best" champagne punch recipe! I've always loved champagne punch (what's not to love?) and especially after whipping up this one for my friend Lauren's bachelorette. Looking to have a get together soon, this would be something fun to have for guests.

I've been really needing to get my motivation back for working out and thought this looked like such a neat idea! Also I've been trying to find fun ways that Mr. Charming and I can exercise together and am already thinking of fun ways to use this idea together. 52 pick up?

This is something I've had on my list for a while. I've literally saved tickets from things since high school, with no real place to display them. I love the idea of using a map or scrapbook paper in the back of a shadow box and we have some cool shelves in our dining room that would be perfect for this to sit on!

Here's my wildcard "just because" pin. I saw this yesterday and my heart literally overfilled with joy. Creepy that I just put a pic of someone's child on my blog? Maybe. But if I had a child dressed like this, to the tee even with a pearl bracelet, I don't think I'd mind the whole world having a glimpse of that cuteness. Adorable overload! And a way to make this pin practical...with some seersucker fabric, this dress doesn't look like it'd be too hard to make on your own.

Happy Wednesday, and happy pinning!