Monday, July 23, 2012

Chiquita Bonita

I have far too much jewelry (if there is such a thing) and am particular about keeping it all organized. Typically I have some sort of jewelry box that I've used for earrings and have also found ways to organize the other parts of my collection, like a basket for bangles and a wooden hook for necklaces.

When I went home a few weekends ago my mom had discovered an older jewelry box of mine that I stopped using because the glass top broke during one of my many moves. It has a sweet pattern on the inside and is much more spacious and organized for my needs. But what to do about the top?

My crafty mama had the idea of just putting a piece of cardboard in the space as getting glass cut for an odd shape would be too much of a hassle. I figured I'm too lazy for glass and should take this route, but there was no way that I was going to put plain cardboard in this pretty box. It needed to some jazz!

I set out to paint it and naturally gravitated towards finding a fun print (Lilly of course) and not wanting this to be the most time intensive, I thought the Chiquita Bonita print would be great since it's not as involved. I Googled around for a good image of the print and found this tray from Say Hay Gifts inspired by the print.

After sketching it out I was excited to get started painting!

Though I was able to freehand the print, I can never seem to get monograms how I like them. I think it's the "T" for my last name that always messes me up. It's an awkward letter in monograms especially in the middle. I can't wait to drop it some day.

I searched around and found a site that had a sample of a few different monogram fonts and featured all letters of the alphabet so I could craft my own. I chose this font and then sketched it out on the coral circle once the paint dried. I'm bad at letting things be once they're done so after continuously trying to touch it up the monogram got a bit out of control but not too bad. A few coats of glossy Modge Podge later and voila!

So now I still have my pink and girly haven area in the closet, because in my opinion jewelry makes a great decoration as well!

Now that I've used it for a few days, it's sad to always see this when I open the inside. BORING! I'm now deciding on what to do with this blank canvas, potentially modge podging a picture on that side, or painting a quote. Stay tuned!



Lindsay said...

Great DIY project! Found your blog on "Being Greek" - I'm a VA Greek blogger, too! Hope you're loving Richmond. It's a great city!

Charlotte said...

You're so crafty!! I could never attempt the detail of a Lilly print! Really cute project!