Saturday, July 21, 2012


Pip and Phoebe, aka Doofy!

Doofy looks like she might kill someone, and Pip is the most socially awkward kitten I've ever known. And Mr. Charming is actually smiling, good to know there is something in this world that can make him smile in a picture. 

After sharing about our sweet new kitties this weekend I got some great naming suggestions from readers and really appreciated the ideas. And the random meow from my bff.

So we didn't end up going with a famous duo, or really any of the names that we originally thought of--but Morgan was a winner!

Pip is still just so teeny tiny that I called her "Pipsqueak" once and then the light bulb went off! Also could be short for Pippa, an absolutely fabulous name for a fabulous kitty.

When I had to start thinking about ridiculous people one person that came to mind was Phoebe from FRIENDS. Morgan suggested it, and a co-worker did as well. For a very eccentric cat we felt this was pretty fitting.

Although she's been named we still keep calling her Doofy, I think it's unfortunately stuck so it shall be her official nickname. She still just keeps doing silly things like running into walls, getting stuck upside down in a crevice made by our furniture and continuing to act like a dog. I'm waiting for the first time we go to the vet and I accidentally call her Doofy. Would they call kitty social services on us?

It's been a fun few days getting used to having these furballs around the house but we're enjoying it. If only we can find out how to get them to sleep at night...

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asj said...

too freaking cute -- love the names too. I like animals with people names and pip is adorable too. :)