Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!

I've started following Michelle at The Vintage Apple and love her Oh, how Pinteresting Wednesday series. I love seeing the favorite images, ideas and products that other people have found via Pinterest (which is really one point of the site and the people you follow is it not?) and I like to share my great finds as well.

If you don't already follow me on Pinterest, you can do so here! Do you need an invite to setup an account? Shoot me an email (icon link under my "about me") from the address you'd like me to use and I'll make the magic happen.

One thing I'm awful at is following through with actually using the wonderful ideas and projects that I stumble upon via Pinterest. I'm fairly decent at trying out recipes, or buying/borrowing books I find out about but that's the extent of my "Pinterest to Real Life" exploration. So what I'd like to do is pick out a few things each week to put on a to-do list to actually try (key word try, not succeed). Then there may also be a few "just because" pins sprinkled in the mix for a good laugh. 

So here's the first set of things I'd like to experiment with....

This pin instructs you to put two caps of vanilla extract in a coffee mug and put in the oven for a few hours to freshen the house. From cooking many wonderful things (and neighbors that are constantly cooking curry, like seriously at 7:00am every morning) our apartment sometimes has an intriguing smell when we get home.
Love Ms. Hepburn, love this quote, love the visual of the print. Still needing something else for the living room and thinking this would look lovely printed and framed on our mantle. 

The "best" champagne punch recipe! I've always loved champagne punch (what's not to love?) and especially after whipping up this one for my friend Lauren's bachelorette. Looking to have a get together soon, this would be something fun to have for guests.

I've been really needing to get my motivation back for working out and thought this looked like such a neat idea! Also I've been trying to find fun ways that Mr. Charming and I can exercise together and am already thinking of fun ways to use this idea together. 52 pick up?

This is something I've had on my list for a while. I've literally saved tickets from things since high school, with no real place to display them. I love the idea of using a map or scrapbook paper in the back of a shadow box and we have some cool shelves in our dining room that would be perfect for this to sit on!

Here's my wildcard "just because" pin. I saw this yesterday and my heart literally overfilled with joy. Creepy that I just put a pic of someone's child on my blog? Maybe. But if I had a child dressed like this, to the tee even with a pearl bracelet, I don't think I'd mind the whole world having a glimpse of that cuteness. Adorable overload! And a way to make this pin practical...with some seersucker fabric, this dress doesn't look like it'd be too hard to make on your own.

Happy Wednesday, and happy pinning!


Blue Dog Belle said...

Love all of your picks! So glad I found you on the link up :)

xoxo, Emily

Nikki said...

Great pins, I'm going to look into the Jillian michaels workout.

Anna said...

Thanks Emily, I enjoyed yours as well!