Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Oops I Did It Again...

So remember that J.Crew dress from yesterday? Well after purchasing I couldn’t help but take time to peruse the rest of the sales (girl’s got a right!) to see if there were any other hidden treasures. I haven’t bought anything new for myself in a while and I figure I deserve a few things out of my first ever real big kid paycheck, right? Nod your head and say “right!”

I decided to pick some basic pieces that I could use in multiple ways. And a few pieces are things I’ve been needing wanting for a while. I still cannot believe I just got all of these goodies for $80 with shipping, thank goodness for that promo code I found!

After losing a few pants sizes all my shorts have been humongous and falling off which has prompted me to mainly wear dresses so far this summer. I am in LOVE with J.Crew's Chino shorts, preferably the 5" cut. And bright yellow? How can you go wrong there?

I pretty much despise cold weather and having to wear long sleeves and only have a few sweaters I actually like. Virginia isn't Antarctica, but I'm definitely going to need a few more warm items in my wardrobe this winter and this is a great addition. Like that rationalization? 

These aren't Toms, but I've been wanting a pair forever and can never decide on what color/print. I had also seen some of these at Target a while ago as well and always held myself back from purchasing.
Typically I tend to wear a lot of solids, but love to add fun prints into the mix! I really love the cheetah/leopard look (and am in fact wear leopard print kitten heels today) and know this top would be awesome with a black skirt for work or with some denim and black heels for a night out.

Did you indulge in this awesome J.Crew sale? If so, what did you treat yourself with?

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Charlotte said...

Ahh, you're making me want to go online shopping! Must.not.give.in.

Loving those navy flats, which would be cute with the yellow shorts!

PS. The kittens are so cute. I want one.