Friday, July 13, 2012


Paradise. That's exactly where I was Sunday night when I walked out of the metro station into Chinatown and towards the Verizon Center. It was time to see Coldplay after waiting over half my life.

Thanks to my parents I luckily find great connections everywhere I go and was even more ecstatic when my section 410 tickets became section 210 tickets. Little did I know that later on in the show this would prove to be extremely beneficial.

We got these sweet wristbands when we entered the venue and at first I was sad I didn't get one of the bands with pink in it, but then I realized how symbolic it was that I got a yellow one for my favorite Coldplay song. We were told these would be a "part of the show" and we were imagining all of the cool things that they would do when it started.

Unfortunately we had to listen to this girl Robyn before I could start hyperventilating at the sight of Chris Martin. Her music actually wasn't half bad, but she jumped around the stage like she was in a drunken dance party. Or actually probably worse. I'm just not sure the US is ready for her.

After an excruciating two hours, a Mich Ultra and humongous pretzel was time. All of bracelets started lighting up and twinkling. Then they went in time with the music. It was seriously the most awesome thing I've ever seen. Audience interaction must be the future of live music. What I was really hoping was that they could just light up the yellow ones when it was time for Yellow, but that didn't happen. Enjoy my Blair Witch Project filming skills to really understand these lights...

They. were. freakin'. awesome. Chris Martin was also jumping all around the stage, but in much more of a suave English rocker kind of way. And he's Chris Martin, he can do whatever the heck he wants. Including dropping the f-bomb in between each song. But he was right, they did "put on the best f*$#^@g show" I've ever seen. They played new music and older songs, quite a few tracks on the set list were from Parachutes and A Rush of Blood to the Head, of course I drooled when they played Yellow and the venue was filled with yellow light.

The guys said good night, and since I'm not a concert virgin I said "Yeah right", and that's when we noticed it. A small (like size of a queen mattress small) stage being set up one section below and one section over from us. This is when I flipped out. They were going to be playing 25 feet from me. I was actually going to be able to see their facial features without looking at the screens.

Of course this is zoomed, and horrible quality from my phone, but this captured just about how close we were!

Needless to say, it was one of the best nights of my life and totally worth being exhausted at work the next day. If you ever get the chance to see them live, don't worry about the money...just do it. I think I'll be going to every US tour they schedule for the rest of my life!


Ania said...

That HAD TO BE an amazing expericence. I would lvoe to see them performing. Thanks for amazing post! :)

raechelmary said...

Hi Anna! Yay for finding a Tri Sigma sister's blog!:) I am excited to follow you! xo

Whitney said...

Coldplay puts on an AMAZING show! I've seen them twice, but didn't get to see them when they came to Houston this time :( Jealous that you got to go!!

asj said...

SO jealous. you'll be happy to know Miss Penny LOVEs Coldplay... "Yellow" and "Fix You" are her two faves, if she's fussy she calms right down for those two! (and Amos Lee Sweet Pea) :)