Friday, July 20, 2012

Pretty Pretty Princess

Yesterday was like any normal day. I got up and ready, ate breakfast and made coffee. Jammed out on the way to work enjoying pretty scenery.

Checked my email, worked on some things, went to a meeting. Signed up for a half marathon. 

Yes. Holy moly. I signed up for a half-marathon! It's a goal that I've had forever and after finally running my first race this spring and seeing how much motivation came with it, I knew I could make this work too. 

I'll be running the Disney Princess Half Marathon on February 24, 2013...216 days to get my butt in gear!

If I was going to run a half, I definitely wanted it to be a fun one and this one seemed perfect. I’ll be running along with my friend Lauren that I interned with last summer at TCU. Last summer we were gym accountabilibuddies frequenting 6:00am spin class and being tortured together in boot camp classes.

There’s a training program suggested on the website which I think I’m going to follow, and I’m also looking into a 10K in Richmond to run sometime in the fall as well to really get going. I’m already getting excited about all of the fun pink and glitzy running gear I can find to wear for the occasion and can’t wait to chronicle this journey!

Do you run races? If so, have you ever trained for a half and have any advice? I’m looking for all the best information and tips as I begin!


asj said...

aaaaaah - I'm thinking of running this one too. Danny is running a 1/2 in Savannah in November and he keeps talking like I'm running it with him (is he nuts?! I haven't run more than a mile since having P! I've heard great things about Disney races AND they're flat so thats a plus -- maybe I'll see you there! :)

Sarah Smith said...

I'm not a runner AT ALL - I don't even think I could make it around my neighborhood - but I was at Disney last year when they held the Princess Half-Marathon and it looked like a blast! I talked to a couple of the runners in lines/on buses and they had nothing but wonderful things to say about it. The parks (and the bars at the Boardwalk) even found ways to give the "Princesses" special treatment for the rest of the day :)

Charlotte said...

Congrats on registering for your first half! You're going to get addicted I promise! We can compare training tips! I wouldn't say I'm an expert as I've only run one and will be training for my second, but I definitely learned things the first time around.

I've always wanted to do the Disney half but it's during busy season (and taking a weekend off is definitely not happening).

Heather said...

I just came across your blog from this link-up. I am about 95% sure that I am signing up for the Disney Princess Half as well. A friend and I are looking into doing it. I am not a runner at all. I am starting from the ground, literally, lol. I am pretty excited though. I am really hoping I can make this goal a dream come true for me. Good Luck in your Training