Monday, July 2, 2012

RVA Weekend

In lieu of a simple snapshot post I decided to tell a bit of story with snapshots of our first real Richmond weekend. Last weekend was spent with my parents still shopping, setting the apartment up, and not doing an real exploring.

After work on Friday I heard a snippet on the radio about Friday Cheers, which someone had previously told me about. It's a June concert series on Brown's Island every Friday after work, and this was going to be the last one for the year. Even though it was ridiculously hot (like everywhere else on the East Coast this weekend) this was something we couldn't experience for another whole year, so we got in the car and left our little West End suburb comfort zone for the first time as VA residents.

Even though we were sweaty as anything it was a great adventure! We made it there in one piece (despite a minor freak-out incident when we hit a toll and had no change), found parking and headed in. MC forgot his ID, cards, etc. so sugar mama came to the rescue...and she had herself the perfect DD to indulge in a few brews.

We walked in, grabbed ourselves some mango Soul Ice (just like Rita's!) and watched the opening act. We learned that when it's that hot we should probably not get there until closer to the time the main act will take the stage because we were getting pretty gross. I enjoyed some awesome tofu tacos from Boka Tako Truck and tried to enjoy my Blue Moons before they reached boiling point, gross. MC stuck to tried and true chicken fingers and I was excited to approach the condiment table to find this little gem...and realized how glad I was to be back in the mid-Atlantic. (And behind that was malt vinegar!!)

If you don't know what Old Bay is, or the wonders of it's existence, that will have to come at a later date!

I was pumped for the main act, Trampled by Turtles, to take the stage. On the radio they'd mentioned that the band had played at a bunch of music festivals like Coachella, Bonnaroo, etc. so I figured they'd probably be pretty good. They were awesome, had good lyrics and a mellow acoustic sound I could listen to all day. You can listen to their music on their site and I'd highly suggest it!

As much as we were enjoying the band we were both literally drenched in sweat and decided to head out a little early, also to avoid a mad rush with traffic. This was definitely something we'll do again next June, and you can even buy a season ticket for a great price. I'm glad we decided to explore and do something new, even if I looked like a swamp monster by the end.

Saturday we spent unpacking some more boxes that had taken over the guestroom and Sunday was mostly spent cleaning and grocery shopping, though we did go spend a few hours at the pool. So I guess we mainly had a Richmond Friday night?

One other thing we did though was finally go to Martin's and get some cupcakes from the Ukrop's Bakery. Sherry from Young House Love (also from Richmond) has always raved about these little treats on their blog, they even had them at their wedding, and I've been so intrigued. Even though it was about to storm like crazy, I dragged MC into Martin's to grab half a dozen (whoops!) and we indulged over a movie. 

I was so excited that I tweeted at YHL and freaked out when I got a tweet back from them...eeeek!

Maybe I'll run into them someday here. One of my co-worker's husband has seen them several times around the area. I'd definitely be pumped, and then would want them to come consult my apartment and give me design suggestions!

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