Monday, July 30, 2012

Strength in Numbers

Like most people I know, I love the Olympics! I've been counting down their arrival, watching trials, reading up on the athletes and anything else I could get my hands on.

I was eight during the 1996 Atlanta games, the earliest ones that I remember. For some reason I had a fascination with mountain biking, and also discovered my obsession with gymnastics. I wore my ballet leotards to watch the competitions and cheered my heart out for the magnificent seven. Dominique Moceanu was my favorite, probably because she was the youngest on the team that year. I remember the look on Kerri Strug's face vaulting with an injured ankle, and she immediately became my hero.

While the outfits and hair styles have thankfully evolved since 1996, the women's gymnastics team still holds the same level of excitement and pride as the magnificent seven. Watching these ladies during trials was awe-inspiring as I came to the conclusion that we could once again take the all-around team gold with this awesome group. It's insane how fantastic they all are. I've been following them all on Twitter since the trials and love seeing their pictures during training and around the Olympic village being just as excited to see other famous Olympians as I would probably be to see them!

I once had my own stint with gymnastics. If you could call it that. I wanted to take gymnastics so badly that when the beginner class was filled, I had my mom put me in advanced. I decided to just stick with dancing.

What's so fun to see is just how humble and purely driven these ladies are. They've worked all of their lives for this moment and now it's happening. Getting to watch them realize they're competing at THE OLYMPICS is the coolest thing. I can't even get over all of the adorable pictures of Mckayla Maroney and Kyla Ross in the gym when they were six, and that they've been best buds since they were little. There was a little snippet of Maroney last night stating something along the lines of "I'm at the Olympics, competing with my teammate and my best friend. Like how cool is that?"

Even though it was tough to see Jordyn Weieber after the preliminaries (and I nearly put my hand through the TV to smack the person who kept her in view while interviewing Aly) on the other hand it was amazing to see Aly Raisman's reaction to seeing that she would be competing in the individual all-around.

Though I hate to play favorites I cannot seem to take my eyes off of Gabby Douglas. This girl is on fire! And no, not like Katniss Everdeen. There's just something about her that's electric. She's such a fierce athlete but also puts on the most charming smile. I'd really like to be friends with her.

I'm now anxiously awaiting tomorrow night to watch the fab five in action! Have you been following the Olympics? What's been your favorite moment so far?


Alisa Marie said...

Love this post! I had my eyes glued to the TV last night watching the olylmpics! Did you see the reaction of Aly's parents while she was performing? It was absolutely hilarious! I think they have it on MSN today if you missed it. I think Gabby also is my favorite, she is just so cute and innocent looking, love her!

Kat Tanita (With Love From, Kat) said...

cant believe you met michael phelps!! i love watching the olympics - ive been watching every night. gabby is adorable!