Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Snaps

Life through snapshots...

Pheebs passed the heck out, because she's a catdog.
Sneak peek of the mantle!

This clock was the score of the century yesterday! We've been searching for one to put above the mantle, and I've been rather picky. We saw this at Big Lots of all places last night and I knew it was it. It has no price so we went to the register and asked for a price check. The cashier said "How about I give it to y'all for $5 if you both sign up for a rewards card?" And that's how we got an awesome clock for $5. 

Pip chillin' with the remotes. It amazes me how much cats love baskets.

Finally filled tons of empty frames that have been sitting around for the past month.

Yes, this is a real product. No, we didn't get it. Maybe one day...
Happy Sunday friends, savor the end of the weekend!

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