Sunday, July 15, 2012

Yours & Mine

That's what we've been calling these two furballs since we became adopted kitty parents yesterday morning.

Yes, we got kittens, plural. Two kittens. We put it on our list of things to do before our birthdays in November and knew it would be an ideal time since MC doesn't start work until late August. After dinner on Friday night we meandered our way into PetCo to check things out. They had a few cats there from the SPCA but told us that the Humane Society brought in kittens every Saturday. Just our luck. 

We were excited to get there and see so many little ones among all of the animals the Humane Society brought in. Naturally we both gravitated towards two different cats. Also naturally I put my foot down and noted we were definitely getting the one that I liked (duh). Then I became instant BFFs with Maureen, the HS lady, and she convinced us to get two so they had a playmate. 

I took her advice and we took two, formerly named "Weezy" (darker) and "Granny" (black & white). Since we became such good friends she took us out to her car and gave us a spare litter box and tons of other extra supplies she had to get started. Score!

Needless to say, we are not going to continue to use the names these kittens came with. We couldn't decide on anything too early and so have taken to calling them yours and mine, referring to the one we each picked out, and the other. 

Meet mine...

This is the best shot I've been able to get of her so far because she darts around like a total spaz. Also kind of like a secret agent weaving around the dining room chairs trying to go unnoticed. She is incredibly sweet and more on the shy side. She's the one that mostly just hid under the bed yesterday, but once she got out we were able to get her to sit with us for a while. I can tell she'll be the angel on the other one's shoulder telling it not to get in trouble.

Meet Mr. Charming's...

Now this one is a bundle full of energy, and quite the trouble maker.That's probably why MC gravitated to her. She is nonstop. We've actually nicknamed her "Doofie" because she's been known to do things like chase her tail, fall off of furniture and just be plain silly. MC has wanted to name her "Moo-Moo" (the cow resemblance) and CatDog because she literally will follow you around everywhere and then sit at your feet once you settle.

At first I thought finding a famous duo for names would be cool, but it's been harder since they're both girls. I thought of Elphie and Galinda (from Wicked) and Lucy and Ethel. I just can't imagine calling out "Galinda" to find a cat, and I like Lucy but Ethel would make my cat sound like an 80 year old woman (no offense to any Ethel's out there).

Here's where I need your help! We'd love any great suggestions for names after sharing a bit about the personalities of these two silly furballs. We're hoping to name them by mid-week, but preferably as soon as possible so I can get them cute engraved name tags we can actually have something to call them.

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