Sunday, August 12, 2012

Absolutely Normal Chaos

Ok, so the title may be a bit of an exaggeration but this week has been pretty bananas. It's also the title of one of my favorite books growing up by Shannon Creech. Then my mom gave my torn and weathered childhood copy away a few months ago...

Last weekend was a blast having our friends Nina and Jay in town. We had some adventures and gave them a small taste of Richmond that hopefully left them wanting to come back for more!

Indulging in our fave breakfast item...Mimosas!
Jay and most fun Blood Mary I've seen
Roller coaster time!!
Then Monday after work I headed down to Atlanta with some colleagues for a work conference. It was a really great event where I was able to make some good connections and learn about creative things happening in other career services offices around the country. We ate some great places including Takorea where I had some awesome Bibim-bop but neglected to snap any good food pics.

Introduced my colleague to Terrapin and grabbed myself a Sweetwater Blue, mmm
This was in the lobby of our swanky hotel!
With coming back late Wednesday night I was pretty thrown off at work on Thursday as I kept thinking it was Monday. Being at the conference really energized me for a productive day that even continued after work where I went to the gym and finally started doing some interval training on the treadmill. As I'm getting back into the swing with running this definitely helped to push me. And these new shoes were also a great boost!

I've started reading the Beginner's Half-Marathon Trainer that I mentioned in my last post on running gear/items. The book is great though I will have to disagree with the following statement:

Other notes on shoes:
-Pretty colors and designs don't help you run or walk better

I would say these shoes are a great motivator. Ok, ok, they're also just a great pair of shoes! Seriously they make me feel like I've been running in wooden clogs up until this point. They're super light and the zig zag technology really gives you a great spring in your step. Though I haven't owned a pair of Reeboks since the famous white style back in middle school these are definitely worth the money I invested.

Though this week was chaotic with traveling and definitely not being in a routine it's been a great one and I look forward to starting out this week at the pool today with my training book. Cheers!

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April Marie said...

Love this post... You featured a lot of my faves... mimosas, bibim bop, and sweetwater blue. I love that you had a great time in Atlanta. I lived there for 11 years and miss it dearly.