Friday, August 24, 2012

Foodie Friday

Back on the first Friday of this month I established "Foodie Friday" as a way to showcase what I cooked throughout the week and share recipes. As I've been doing a lot of culinary exploring in my new kitchen I've loved sharing some awesome dishes, but don't feel the need to provide individual posts for a lot of them.Who knows, maybe I'll start a link up of my own one day? I mean if I were to do one I only see it fitting that it would be about food #fatkid

Another place to follow what I cook is on my "I Pinned It, Then I Did It" board on Pinterest where I've kept track of things on Pinterest that I've actually created. So here's what I've dabbled in over the past two weeks that are new recipes to me, enjoy!

Fun name right? It definitely caught my eye! This is a tomato based Israeli dish with eggs. I would have enjoyed it better if the eggs hadn't completely set but I've yet mastered cooking them exactly how I like em. Recipe via The Shiksa in the Kitchen.

BBQ Mushroom Pizza
Nom! I didn't find anything super appealing when I flipped through our pizza cookbook this week and decided to be adventurous. This past year my sister I were on a kick of making these awesome BBQ mushroom quesadillas with portabella mushrooms. I had been craving them and so turned it into a pizza.

Super simple to do here. Get a crust of your choice (I use Trader Joe's whole wheat) then throw some baby bella mushrooms and chopped onion into a pan to sautee and cook down while your oven preheats. Get them nice and soft! Sub BBQ sauce for marinara (I used Jack Daniel's Honey Smokehouse), then some shredded mozzarella, throw your veggies on top and bake. Voila!

Eggplant Penne
This one is actually a Hungry Girl recipe. I typically shy away from many of hers because they all call for low fat, sugar free or substitute ingredients. I'm trying to eat real food and chemicals so sometimes it's just not what I'm looking for, those I can typically adapt with the real ingredients. This one however was different, and it was awesome! Sauce had a bit of a kick to it from the red pepper so if you're not about it then leave that out. Also the recipe called for a whole eggplant but once I used a half it was enough so I'd suggest doubling the recipe when you make it. 

Quesadilla Rancheros
Saw this recipe on Real Simple and knew I could work with it! I kicked up it up a notch and added some black beans and onions inside the quesadilla for another little punch of protein. I left the egg yolk slightly runny which was awesome, and then mashed an avocado slice on top before I ate it. So flippin' good! Trader Joe's has an awesome salsa verde if you'd prefer to buy some vs. making it. 

Make anything awesome this week? I always love to hear about new recipes!


Amy said...

Yummm! All of this looks SO good! Getting me really excited for dinner, ha.

Olga YouMeFit said...

That portobello BBQ pizza is a great idea! I love anything with portobellos and I've been on a non-tomato sauced pizza kick lately, so this is right up my alley!