Friday, August 17, 2012

It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere

And that somewhere just so happens to be my porch!

On Sunday I had high hopes of spending the day by the pool with a book after running errands and cleaning all day Saturday. Though the pool did not become a reality I realized some days you just need to sit around and do whatever comes your way.

I woke up with a big cup of coffee and read for a bit, then decided to finish a painting I started a few weeks ago that's going in the kitchen. Then decided a trip to the Christmas Tree Shops which is literally a 40 second drive from my apartment. Dangerous!

We've been on the hunt for patio furniture and haven't had the best luck so far. I had spotted a table and chairs a while back at a decent price there and just my luck it was marked down even more today. Then we also saw an awesome double glider which even matched the dining set (double score!). We got both for just about $100. Winner winner chicken dinner! Minus the chicken part...

The table even has two more chairs we folded and left in the storage closet
Next mission is for some outside pillows for this piece
Then we spent the rest of the afternoon putting it all together. One would think that the glider would be the difficult one, but we actually ended up having to take the table apart and put it back together again to correctly fit with the glass top. Mr. Charming someone forgot to read the instructions before beginning the setup.

"Hey mom, what about me?!"
It all turned out great in the end and we ate our first meal (amazing Avocado Pasta--look for a recipe link on my "52 in 52" page) outside which I've been waiting to do for weeks. We're lucky to have a porch that backs up to trees so we don't have to stare at a parking lot or be stared at by our neighbors.

Twinkle, twinkle! Obsessed with these lights
I didn't make it to the pool but I did get to curl up on the  new glider and read with my string lights are on, and it was another beautiful kind of happiness!


Charlotte said...

I need these lights. Where did you find them?

The porch is adorable! Ours faces a super busy 4-lane road, so it kind of kills the mood!

Anna said...

I got the lights at Target, I've wanted them forever! I believe they were in the outdoor/garden section. I've also seen the same kind at World Market, but of course those were a bit pricier.

We definitely lucked out with our porch, we also have the luxury of living on the third floor but only having one set of steps up because our building is on an incline and the first floor is one down from level!