Monday, August 27, 2012

The Best Kind of People

After seeing this cute kitchen artwork on Pinterest months ago, I knew I'd love to have the same thing in my kitchen some day. I mentioned it during "Oh So Pinteresting Wednesday" about a month ago and as I've been attempting to actually make all of those pins this was next on the list. Another thing from Pinterest that's intrigued me is the idea of using shoe box lids instead of canvases. Hello, so cheap! So for less than a dollar I created this:

Shoe box Lid: $0 (well, I guess I did pay for the shoes...)
Paint: craft stash
Modge Podge: craft stash
Wooden Spoon: $.88 (for a bag of 4 from Walmart, so now I have 3 new ones for the kitchen!)
Total: $.88

I win!

This couldn't be more simple. Tape off your box...and use painter's tape. I used scotch and it tore off the shiny part of the shoe box to leave the more cardboard part. It might actually be a good idea to just take a bunch of shoe box lids and spray paint them white to have a stash of faux canvases. It took quite a few coats to cover when I just started with the plain lid.

After finished with painting, add your quote, design, etc. Modge podge, then hot glue on a cheap wooden spoon and voila!

I painted the words freehand and while the spacing worked out decently I hate how the first "people" and second "people" look completely different. I almost painted over the first and repainted the word, but I got lazy and just modge podged it. Now I stare at it every day with regret.

I've still got a ton of shoe box lids and some projects in mind so keep your eyes peeled. Stay frugal, stay crafty!


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