Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend Getaway

Last weekend I took Mr. Charming on a surprise trip for our year and a half anniversary! I left out these goodies along with a note that included a packing list instructing him to be ready after work on Friday. He is pumped to finally have his own Tervis Tumbler because I have a million but most are pretty girly!

And why he likes the "other" USC, that's a long story...
We embarked after work and he still had no idea where we were going! As soon as I knew we would be moving to Richmond I bought a Living Social for The Inn at Kelly's Ford which is on the grounds of a historical battle site from the Civil War. It's less than two hours from our house so it was super easy to get to and it was pretty secluded, but we enjoyed that. We ended up having one of the "cottages" instead of a typical room which was nice because it was HUGE, and also had a ridiculous bathroom.

We just had some drinks on Friday night when we arrived and I tried Shocktop Raspberry for the first time...awesome! The next morning we woke up to this...

It was absolutely gorgeous outside and I could have sat on our little patio drinking coffee forever. Unfortunately that didn't happen when I forgot my bathing suit and we quickly had to drive back to civilization so I could grab one at Target. Luckily they were all on super clearance, and there was a Sweet Frog next door to grab some treats before we headed back.

We went canoeing on the Rappahannock River which was a blast except that the water level was so low we got stuck a few times. It still made for a fun adventure! If we're ever able to go back I'd love to also go horseback riding and enjoy some of the other activities they have.

Dinner outside Saturday night was amazing, this picture says it all...

After an amazing crab cake (LOVE being back near the Chesapeake Bay!) we decided to also indulge in dessert. The waitress suggested her favorite, a cherry bread pudding in rum sauce. Thank goodness we didn't have a candle at our table because this sauce and an open flame would have been dangerous. I'll leave it at that.

Had to get a picture with this awesome background!

Sunday we checked out and headed to the Fredericksburg Battlefield. It was gross and a bit rainy, but Mr. Charming is also Mr. History and supposedly he had been dying to go here for ages. We watched a short film and went on a tour of the battleground, and at the end MC was answering questions for people on our tour and provided a short Civil War lesson. Thanks teacher!

Though I wasn't too excited at first it was pretty cool to learn about this battle and more about the Civil War in general. I've never been into history too much but clearly I learn more about it every day now.

This house was pivotal in the battle, and now is the president's house for the University of Mary Washington...too cool right?!

In the actual trenches where Confederate soldiers defended Fredericksburg from the Union, he was totally geeking out.

After the battleground we headed to downtown Fredericksburg for my favorite part of the day...lunch! Sammy T's was some of the best food I've had in a while. When I opened the menu to an entire vegetarian/vegan page I knew it was going to be a good meal. I got an awesome stuffed potato (I know, loaded with cheese...) and vegetarian chili. For a nasty, rainy day this was the perfect meal.

Naturally I then found the nearest sweet shop, Colonial Cupcakes. And they don't play around, the guy working was actually dressed up in colonial garb. Made for a good laugh. What I loved about this place was all of the cupcakes were bare and then you could choose your own icing. After that they had a whole table with different sprinkles and toppings to dress your cupcake. The cream cheese icing was so buttery and smooth...drooool

Yes, the big one was mine
It was an awesome weekend, and made it hard to come back to reality last Monday. Even though it was just the weekend it was nice to have a mini vacay after going nonstop since we moved two months ago. There are so many awesome things in Virginia and I'm excited to have many new places to explore. During the trip I picked up a map of all of the wineries in the state and am hoping to cross many off the list...

Though I'm still wishing I was back on the trip, I'm excited things are getting busy at work with the start of a new academic year. So cheers to great week and new year!


Charlotte said...

LOVE the pictures! Looks like y'all had a fun getaway!

I'm with ya on the Tervis tumblers! Ryan is probably tired of drinking out of one with my name on it :)

Meghan @ Shine On said...

Looks like so much fun, Anna! And I'm happy that the big cupcake was yours - way to go, lady!


Mia @ The Chronicles of Chaos said...

Yay, a fellow Virginia blogger. And you were in my town! :) Great pictures and now I want a cupcake! lol.