Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I've swapped Pinterest this week for What I'm Loving Wednesday, because there are just so many things I'm excited about this week!

I'm very much loving...

...this nail color (Essie 'Cute as a Button'), that my nails actually look like a decent human being's (because I'm a notorious biter/picker) and that they've now been painted for three days with NO major chipping. Say what?! It looks a bit orange here but is actually much more of a coral color. 

This top from J.Crew that I treated myself to earlier this month. I love that it's linen and was light enough to wear during summer, but wish I had ordered a size smaller than I usually wear as it's quite loose.

Looking out onto Westhampton Lake from my office window. Could my view beeee any better? (cue Chandler Bing voice) With the weather rather mild this week I even took a lunch break outside and read at the lake. Bliss!

The women's gymnastics team taking the GOLD!! C'mon, who isn't loving this right now?! USA, USA, USA! After being so pumped I was sad I couldn't watch it as it happened but followed a blog with a live commentary. It was awesome to watch it last after following it earlier in the day and yes, I definitely cried the moment they saw the screen switch to show USA at number one. And then when they played "Firework". #crybaby

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. After taking two months to read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (because I watched the movie first and thus killed any and all suspense) I devoured half of this at the pool on Sunday and have been continuing this week when my eyes haven't been glued to the Olympics. It's nonfiction but reads like a great novel and I'd highly suggest it. Educational too!

And finally, I'm abso-freakin'-lutely loving that my all time bestie is coming to visit this weekend with her beau! They'll be our first real visitors in Richmond and I can't wait to hit up Kingsdominion, brunch, and just have some lovin' time. I haven't seen her since the middle of May and our reunion is long overdue!

I love her even when she wears her Clemson orange...
Hope you have a happy Hump Day and lots of things you're lovin'!


Blue Dog Belle said...

I was definitely sobbing last night watching those girls. I don't know how they always do it to me... but I cry like a baby at pretty much every event.

Ashlee said...

Cute top! And I cried too when they won gold! So awesome! Visiting from WILW!

Amy Powell said...

I love that they won! it was such a happy moment!

and very cute top :) have a lovely day!