Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Carolina You Keep Callin' Me Home

This past weekend was a long one, but it was tons of fun to spend time with my family and see some of my friends from grad school in Columbia! The game had the perfect kickoff of 3:30pm so we still had time to enjoy the day, and go out for dinner afterwards. 

It took a bit to get used to temperatures in the 90*s now that it's started to cool down here, but Sunday was absolutely perfect weather and leaving was a bummer. There are definitely a lot of things that I miss about Columbia, so I was glad to spend some time visiting some of my favorite places. 

Tailgating with the fam & Mr. Charming

As I noted on Friday, I was definitely excited for some of my favorite Columbia food places! My parents got to Columbia earlier on Friday afternoon, and my mom texted me to inquire my order from Cupcake. I didn't get my salted caramel chocolate--but I did get banana pudding, so good! After the game we headed to Pearlz for dinner, and when my dad asked for recommendations, I realized I had only ever been there for happy hour...whoops!

Awesome seafood cobb salad!
As we walked to dinner we stumbled upon this lovely Gamecock...he was definitely not in the Vista last year!

We stayed long enough on Sunday for brunch, and then walked around the Horseshoe while we waited for the bookstore to open. I finally got a diploma frame and can't wait to get it up in my office! It was a nice weekend, but I was definitely excited to get home last night. And then I used my time extremely wisely to prepare for the week watched five episodes of The Walking Dead. I'm OBSESSED!

It's been nice to see a lot of friends and family the past few weeks but more than anything I'm looking forward to staying in Richmond and chilling this weekend!

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