Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chapter Two: The Dining Hall Years

It's Thursday again, time for the next installment of my fitness journey! Last week was a nice glimpse into my "healthy-ish" past and now we'll fast forward to my extremely "unhealthy-ish" college years.

Dont Quote The Raven

So we left off with the summer after high school, and that picks up nicely at my freshman year of college. I moved in at UNC Wilmington in August 2005 and was in love. With everything. The campus, the beach down the road, the people...and most importantly, the food. Whether it was the campus dining hall, new local food places to try, or after hours fast food whenever I wanted, food was everywhere. 

My waistline, hips and rear didn't even know what was coming. 

I will credit one of my largest food weaknesses to dining halls. I am smart person that (now) knows a good deal about nutrition and eating healthy, but when you put things right in front of me I typically have no self control. And this would be why I don't keep sweets or junk food in my house (much to Mr. Charming's chagrin).

One of my favorite dining hall foods was breakfast pizza. What is that you ask? Well it's pizza dough with sausage gravy as the "sauce", smothered in cheese with chunks of egg and either sausage or bacon on top. What in the hell was I thinking? Don't judge though, it really is awesome!

By early fall I was already out shopping for a larger pair of pants. Again, you'd think I would have clued in to the fact that I should stop eating multiple plates of food and late night crunch wrap supremes at Taco Bell, but I didn't.  

I'm in the blue--woof!
Of course it wasn't just the food, it was also my new sedentary life style. I'm not into sports so I didn't get involved in intramurals, and I hardly ever visited the rec center since I had never independently exercised in my life at this point. I did walk to class but our campus wasn't too big, and I always took the stairs to my fourth floor residence hall room. 

Soon after the spring semester started I was at my largest ever, and couldn't believe that I had gone up almost three pants sizes in half a year. I remember going to the gym a few times during that semester to run a few laps on the track, but I was so out of shape I called it quits after just a few visits. And then I went back to the dining hall, duh.

With my suitemate Scotlan
It took all year and some reflection to really catch my brain up to speed with how much I had let my body change in just over a year. Once I was back home for the summer and reminiscing about being back at college, I would flip through pictures on Facebook a lot. We had also just gotten that feature to upload pictures and I was still pretty obsessed with it. Yes, that makes me feel very old. 

I saw this picture of me and some of my suitemates from one of the last weeks of the semester and that's when it finally hit me...

That was not the Anna I knew just a year before. Where did she go? Who is that girl that ate her and then took on a similar resemblance? Oh wait, that was me. And just in time for summer, the season involving the least amount of clothes. 

Stay tuned for next week to hear about how I started to try and get my life together, and how my obsession with ice cream took a serious turn when I started working at Coldstone..


Kenj said...

Thankfully I don't live on campus so dinning hall food never really occurs in my life ..I can't wait to read on!

Nikki said...

Cant wait to read what happens next!

Arika said...

Ah the Freshman 15, I can definitely relate to that. I love your cute blog and writing style. I'm eager to read what's next.

ps I'm your newest follower :)

Alisa Marie said...

Can't wait to read more next week! I had the same problem in college with eating food from a dining hall. It was soo hard to resist all the temptations!

-Emily- said...

Thanks for sharing.....I can't wait to keep reading :)