Friday, September 21, 2012

Foodie Friday: Cola Edition

I'm so pumped that after work today I'll be in the car headed to Columbia, SC! It's USC's Parent's Weekend so I'm dragging Mr. Charming back down south with me to see my parents, sister, and lots of friends from grad school.

In lieu of my typical Foodie Friday, I felt I should highlight some of the awesome places I can't wait to eat at this weekend. Not kidding when I tell you I've been thinking about them since the trip was planned...

Yoghut is one of my favorite froyo places! I really think that Sweet Frog is my only comparison. They had such amazing flavors last fall (like pumpkin cheesecake!) and I'm hoping to catch a great one while I'm in town. If not, Garnet Velvet (red velvet with a Gamecock flair!) is always a fave.

We'll be doing Sunday brunch at the ever amazing DiPrato's. Mr. Charming's parent will be joining for the first official meeting of the parents...does that mean we're legit? Anyways--this place is known for their pimento cheese, which is to die for, but their breakfast is also heavenly. I know it will be crazy busy but oh so worth it!

My favorite sweet treats will always be from Cupcake (cue mouth watering). After checking out their fall flavor schedule, I'm hoping I can make it in there on Saturday morning before we leave to tailgate so I can grab one of my favorite flavors...Salted Caramel Chocolate--look at it sparkle!

Finally, a regular stop for me in grad school was at Cool Beans which is a coffee shop that sits right next to Wardlaw College of Education, where I had all of my classes. A fall special of theirs is a pumpkin chai latte (I know) and even though it's still going to be hot down there, I'd love nothing more than to grab one for a quick walk around the beautiful Horseshoe.

Hungry yet? Hope you enjoy these great Columbia food picks, check them out if you're ever in the area. Happy weekend and Go Gamecocks!!


alwaysdreamed said...

So jealous of all the lovely Cola treats you will have this weekend! Miss you!

asj said...

oh Cool Beans, love it and the beautiful horseshoe!