Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The One With the Engagement

There are TOO many things I'm loving this Wednesday! I'm loving that I got a good run in this morning, temperatures today are in the low 70s, I've got my first crock pot meal cooking away at home, and most importantly I heard Mambo No. 5 on the way to work this morning. When your day starts like that, what's not to love?

But let's cut to the chase, what I'm really loving this Wednesday (week, life in general...) is that my best friend is engaged!!!!!

My best friends from home and THE ROCK!
I know I've chatted about Nina many a times, because she's the BFF--but now there will be so much more to come! Her fiance Jay was a sneaky fox and got all of our friends together to go out at home afterwards to celebrate. He wasn't sneaky enough to get me home without raising questions of what he was up to, but it was still wonderful to be able to celebrate and surprise her.

So happy for you two :)
Now I am beyond thrilled to help with planning and just chat about wedding buzz in general. We've already been exchanging emails about wedding details and it makes me so giddy. I am so over the moon happy for the two of you and can't wait for the festivities to begin! And as for the title, if you're not a FRIENDS fan, well then I'm very sorry for you.

Happy Wednesday lovelies, cheers!


Kayla Nelms said...

Stopping in from the link-up! New follower! Cuuuute blog!

CONGRATS to your friend!

Victoria said...

how exciting!!

weddings and wedding planning is always fun :)

cute blog you have!