Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm totally loving that yesterday I finally ran over four miles for the first time since February, and the first time since I signed up for the Princess Half!

Reasons that I  finally got to four miles (probably)...

1. Girl Talk
Not gossip, music. The Girl Talk Pandora radio station has completely changed my world. I have loved running to Girl Talk in the past, but only had a few of their mixes which got old after a while. I enjoy a good variety of tunes when I run and this station kept me jamming the entire time!

2. I Just Did It
Every day that I go to run I start with the mindset of "Oh I'm just going to run my three miles today". I get to three miles and immediately my body is done because I've already set the precedent. Today I decided I would just try and run as long as I could...and clearly that was a better choice. When I wanted to stop and walk I just didn't. When I cramped or got achy, I just ran through it. As I really get into training I'm definitely going to need to keep this mindset.

3. Princesses
I signed up for a half marathon and that has YET to light a fire under my behind to get it together. I'm about to sign up for an 8k in November, and for a running group to train as well. Now I don't want to be the slow person in the running group so I need to train for training. Makes sense right?

4. Good Choices
I began the day with a good breakfast that filled me up, and made great choices after that. I even resisted brownies and cookies at an event this afternoon...major step! After doing so well all day I first of all felt in great shape for a run and two, wanted to really make this day count.

Cottage cheese and nectarine, yum!
5. Proving Myself
Didn't think too much when I was throwing clothes in my gym bag the night before and so I was totally that matchy-matchy girl at the gym that I despise. Bright pink and yellow shoes with neon yellow shorts, gray tank and bright pink sports bra. I almost felt like I could see the stares and judging. If I had just grabbed the blue sports bra! After this realization I knew I had to go big or go home, and reassess my workout wardrobe.

Don't judge my bed...
Now that I've hit four I really need to keep it up. Additionally, do I hold my iPhone weird? What the heck is up with my pinky? I feel like it shakes so much unless I hold it steady with my other hand!

Happy hump day--what are YOU loving this Wednesday?


Charlotte said...

Congrats on the awesome run! Keep it up! There really is nothing like a runner's high!

I'm totally that girl who matches at the gym. When you have hot pink shorts, there are only so many tops that you can wear that don't look awful with them! Haha, no judgment here.

Finding a skinnier me said...

Congratulations on the amazing run!!!

Kristin said...

Visiting from the link up...congrats on the awesome run! I am trying to get myself into running more but feel I look so weird doing it, ha ha. :)


Eclectically E said...

Congrats! I can't imagine how good it feels to accomplish this!

I just started today really getting myself motivated back to working out and eating well.

Glad I found your blog!