Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Where Were You?

Every September 11th, like most Americans, I go back to that very day and remember where I was, what was happening and how I was feeling. This was brought on a little earlier this year as Mr. Charming was watching a documentary on National Geographic last night that was an interview with George W. Bush on the attacks.

While every year I think about those who were lost, those who lost loved ones, and how our country came together, I don't always see the images again live on my TV screen. Though it's an image I could never forget, watching video of the smoldering towers is still and will always be hard.

On September 11, 2001 I was thirteen. I was in ninth grade, and I was in biology class with Mrs. Johnson at a high school that is just over 30 miles from the Pentagon. I remember that my teacher was from New York and when administrators came around and the classroom TV came on, her face crumbled. I remember that so many of my friends and classmates had parents working in the city, that so many of them were crying and had no clue what was happening in DC.

I remember that we got out of school early, that my little brother and sister were OK. But unfortunately we went home to watch the images replayed on every single channel we could get. I know this because I remember flipping through each and every channel. My mom was OK, my dad who worked closer to the city was OK.

However, there were many people that were not OK because of the events of that day. And that is something else I will always remember, and never forget.

Today as always I think about those in NY, DC and on Flight 93, and their loved ones that were left behind. Always remember, and never forget.

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