Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cupcakes + Laziness = Whomp Whomp

Working with college students is a fine balance between providing guidance and advising for them to reach their goals, while also ensuring they have some experiences where they can learn on their own. You can give them a list of ingredients that's missing a few main items, and then they'll learn that if you forget the sugar from your cake--it's not going to be pretty.

College is a time for trial and error, learning from your mistakes, and using that knowledge for sweet successes. It's been an exciting week of students in my office with news of job offers, second round interviews, leads on internships or the conclusion that they really don't want to go to med school. But what's important about these successes, is the hard work and learning along the way that got them there.

Unfortunately you would think that someone who is involved in assisting others through a process like this would also learn about their limits. Wrong! And then I did this...

After my broken/sprained/whatever toe I used it as an excuse to literally not even pick up a 3 lb weight this week. I did nothing, nada. Each day I had the hopes of doing something the day after, and then I didn't. Instead I ate dinner out twice, along with two lunches at the campus dining hall. Oh and I think I forgot that extra sugary, buttery cupcake and Sweet Frog last night...

Somehow I thought I could act like this all week and then get up and bounce out the door on a great three mile run this morning. I think hitting five miles last week made me feel a bit invincible. I barely made it to two miles and stopped several times. It. felt. awful.

So now I hope I'll learn from this and get my act together this week. I think it's definitely going to be a hard week getting back into the groove, I can honestly feel the different in my body after just seven days

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Charlotte said...

Don't feel too guilty about your lazy week...we all need them sometimes!!

Hope your toe feels better!