Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall in the South

So maybe I didn't really need the scarf on Sunday, it was 64* and I was wearing flip flops. But isn't that what fall in the South is all about? That and Palmetto trees on your pumpkins. Muchos gracias to Mr. Charming for capturing our first pumpkin experience together. And by together I mean me scraping out the guts and completely carving the pumpkin while he took pictures and made sure our cats didn't jump off the balcony.

Ewww squishy
Nice & clean!

Typical tourist
Yes, we are missing a "1" on our wreath...
Things I learned: using a Sharpie to outline on your pumpkin is a poor decision because you'll still see it after you carve...luckily I realized that after carving the top of it. Additionally, I learned through these pictures I really need to let go of some items of my wardrobe that I'm still wearing even though they're now far too big for me.

On that note, anyone out there interested in funding me to buy some new properly sized clothes? Happy fall y'all!

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