Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hello Fall, Nice to See You Again

So, it got cold yesterday. I'm talking 45* on the way to work in the morning, and 50* on the way home. My mini heater was on in my office all day. It was 66* in the house when I got home (brrrr!), so I kept my jacket and scarf on for a while after officially turning the heat on and waiting for it to kick in.

When I've complained about colder temps to people they always gasp, well you're from the north! First, let's get one thing straight folks: Maryland is not the north. It is below the Mason-Dixon line for one thing, and while I'll admit it's not typically in the grouping of states you'd consider to be "south" it's also most definitely not "north". Additionally, my county flag has a tobacco leaf and my high school was surrounded by fields of it...definitely not north.

Anyways back to my point, yes I'm from Maryland which is pretty much the same weather wise as Richmond. Butttt I lived in North & South Carolina for the past eight-ish years. There was this one year where fall and winter was spent in the Midwest, but I don't like to think about that time as much as I loved the actual experiences of that year.

There were some years where I missed the leaves changing (my college was covered in pines) and getting to bundle up in light fall clothes. But then I got to go to the beach in November or wear shorts in January and it snapped me back in place. I'll just go out there and admit it...

I'm scared of this winter. 

But for right now I'll enjoy what fall has to offer and hope that it just slightly warms back up (high 50s, low 60s--please?) for a while before winter really comes. Because I actually do love fall. I love pumpkins, warm colors, squashes and anything with cinnamon or spice.

I love getting to make dishes like this...even though cutting up squash is a b*$^#.
Look for a recipe on this week's Foodie Friday!
I love getting to wear fall colors and breaking my boots out of summer hibernation!

So I think instead of running away I'm going to start embracing fall and winter. I'm going to be that total cliche blogger and potentially make some season bucket lists. Also so I can research fun places to go around Richmond during the seasons. Hello pumpkin patches!

Are you bitter about chillier weather or totally loving fall yet?

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