Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday: Blogging Tips

It's hard to believe that this little 'ole blog started more than two years ago! I have such fun time chronicling my travels, adventures in the kitchen, and my new found love affair with running. Everyone blogs for a different reason, I blog to remember. I've tried to keep a journal too many times to count, and it's just not for me. I do however, like to look at back at memories and what I was thinking during certain parts in my life.

Blogging gives me that and more because I can share it with those I love that I can't see or talk to everyday, and now to new blogging friends as well. Even things as simple as looking back at what substitutions or adjustments I made to a recipe, or steps I took to make a craft, are so worthwhile for me.

There are a few tips that I think every blogger should take note of, and it took me a while to catch on to some of these so no worries if you're thinking "Oh, that's ME!" So go take a look at your settings, and adjust accordingly!

1. No-Reply Commenters. Don't be one--plain and simple! What does this mean? Sometimes my lovely readers will leave me comments, and I like to respond via email. However, if you don't have a simple little box clicked then I can't respond to you, bummer. Easy as pie to fix...
     -Go to edit your Blogger Profile
     -Check the "Show my email address" box--that's it!

2. Word Verification. Ever go to comment on a post and then you have to type those obnoxious letters and numbers that you can barely see into a box to prove you're not a robot? I typically still comment, but sometimes I honestly won't go through the hassle. Disable it with these steps:
    -"Settings" to "Posts and Comments"
    -Under "Show word verifcation" select "no" from the dropdown--ta da!

3. Follow Me! For my friends on blogger, when I find your site and fall in love with it I of course want to be your newest follower and fan. However, when I have to scroll down to the bottom of your side bar to see the "follow" button I sometimes don't make it. I haven't done any research but I feel like the higher it is on your page, you're more likely to get more followers!

4. About Me. I've just found your blog, I love the posts I've read and you have the cutest design! But I want to know...who are you? I really enjoy reading the "About Me" page on blogs and learning a bit about the author, what they like, what they typically blog about and other random facts. It might be my deciding factor in whether or not I continue to follow.

5. Bloglovin'. I have no clue how I just discovered this site a few weeks ago, but needed to share with the world. I had heard of it, and seen the buttons on different blogs but hadn't explored it. It's my new favorite reader. I like to read all different blogs on all different hosting sites and it lets you conveniently add almost any blog that you'd like. You can view the actual site within the bloglovin' frame and just hit "next" to go further down your list. It's made keeping up with my favorite blogs so much easier. Consider putting a button on your page--and going to the one on my right sidebar and clicking "follow"!

Hope this can be helpful for ya! What other tips do you have for fellow bloggers? Anything along these lines I don't have put in place that drives you bonkers?

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