Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wedding Bells

I am so excited to leave at the crack of dawn early tomorrow morning and head south to FL to be in my friend Morgan's wedding! She is getting married on the beach in Key West and it couldn't be any more perfect for her and her husband to be who have been together since high school (so sweet!). 

Morgan is one of my Tri Sigma sisters and we met when we both worked as consultants for our organization the year after college. We were paired together to work with a few different chapters and this is where Morgan and I really hit it off. We were that odd complimentary pair that worked perfectly together, where one left off the other picked up. Between our skill sets and Morgan's sassy nature we had such a blast on the road.

She's the second of the ladies in the Wolfpack to get married, the last time we were together was last November for our friend Michele's wedding in Chicago. 

We shared a big fat b*$%& sandwich from Are U Hungry and lots of Peachy Paterno ice cream at the creamery while we were at Penn State. At High Point University I introduced the Central Illinois native to Cookout and Bojangles, both of which she loved. 

Even though it's been over two years since we've traveled we still keep in touch and have seen each other several times since then. In college I would have never though I would have such great friends in Tri Sigma that weren't from my own chapter, but Morgan and the entire group of gals we traveled with are just that.

I absolutely cannot wait to share your wedding with you Morg, standing by your side on the beautiful beach is going to be another wonderful memory to add to our friendship. Here's to the soon-to-be Mrs. Kaplan!!

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