Saturday, December 22, 2012

1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back

The past two months have been an interesting ride when it concerns to my health. It's definitely been stressful and I've realized how thankful I am that I have never really been sick or had any major health issues. Until this fall the "biggest" thing I'd ever done to myself was sprain my ankle in high school.

2012 was a wonderful has also been a wonderful year when it comes to my health. I've almost been meat free for a year, I lost some weight I'd been carrying around a bit too long, and I began regularly exercising. I ran my first 5k and really became comfortable with running.

Then I took it a bit too far... There are definitely training programs out there for a reason, and I thought that diverging just a little bit wouldn't be the biggest deal. I went to a wedding out of town and had a crazy week at work and did nothing (except eat too much crap) for two weeks. I decided to jump back in with my running group for our 6 mile run. And then just to make up for it I pushed it another .3 miles making it the longest run I've ever complete.

After this I was walking around gloating at how easy it was to run the 6.3 miles after taking two weeks off. Little did I know that this is how I hurt myself. I still had two weeks left before my 8k, and after trying to do 3 miles and having to stop halfway through because my hip was uncomfortable...I knew it was a bad sign.

I still ran my 8k within my time goal (51:06-which I still need to share with you!) and faster than I had typically ran through training. It didn't hurt much that day but I think I was too cold and too excited to let it get to me. After trying to run on Thanksgiving morning and stopping after half a mile I knew it was definitely time to get things checked out.

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of doctors offices and co-pays (annoying). X-rays showed nothing, and considering my hip only hurts when I run and in a way that I cannot describe, I felt pretty helpless attempting to explain things. Finally I went in for an MRI, which made me feel like I was in Grey's Anatomy. Luckily I only went in halfway, I'm not claustrophobic but it would have been pretty creepy to be all the way in their so tight.

What we found can be summed up as this: I do not have a stress fracture (thankfully!) but I do have a part of my hip bone that is inflamed/bruised. If I don't try and heal it, then it could become fractured. Typically people get stress fractures where the yellow arrow is pointing in the large part of the hip bone. I'm still not quite sure if mine is more in the neck or in the ball that fits into the pelvic socket, I think the neck, but the area in the red circle is pretty accurate. The MRI explains it, but of course it's in medical speak.

With my results I got the news that I needed to be off it for three weeks. Three. Weeks. No weight on my right leg. What convenient news to get the week before Christmas when I'm traveling all over the world! The worst part: I have no pain and am completely capable of walking around, but I can't. I'm actually afraid that I'm going to really hurt myself trying to get up & down stairs in crutches and just getting around in general. My underarms, shoulders and back are already killing me. What a sweet first 48 hours!

So I now I will begin again. It may as well be January 2012. After my three weeks I go back to the ortho and we figure out next steps. I'll do some gait analysis and other tests to see if I'm running correctly, though I'm pretty sure I hurt myself but pushing myself. Then I'll slowly get back into running. This means no Princess Half-Marathon for this girl. I definitely bawled when I found out, but I'm guessing 2013 just wasn't the year for my first half. I've always hated the number 3... Unfortunately I can't get a refund on race registration, but I've contacted to see if I can have another person run in my place. If anyone is interested let me know.

Hopefully I won't hurt anyone in the next three weeks as my blood is already boiling at the fact that I can't do things for myself, or do things the way I'd prefer them to be done. And hopefully I won't gain 20 lbs from not moving around at all but stuffing my face with holiday cookies...


Amy said...

Okay reading this I feel like we are the same person!! Definitely a few difference, but when I got my stress fracture I definitely bawled over not being able to do the half marathon I signed up for (or a Mud Run 5k which I was super excited for too!). I cried ALL day WHILE in my office at work, haha. People thought there was something seriously wrong, lol. I had to get an MRI after the 6 weeks to determine if it was all healed, and it was my first MRI too! I definitely felt the same as you, it made me realize how thankful I am for my health. Injuries can be such a pain!! Now I'm trying to train for that 10K in Feb, so fingers crossed I can cross that finish line!!

Charlotte said...

I had a very similar hip pain when I was training for my first half marathon - I could never accurately describe where it hurt and it only hurt when I ran...

I'm so sorry about your injury and you having to miss the half :( I know how it feels for things not to go as planned!

Keep your chin up - crutches are the WORST! Just think, maybe you'll have really buff arms after you've hobbled around for a few weeks!