Sunday, December 23, 2012

Santa Baby...

The first year of this little 'ole blog I did a lavish Christmas Wish List. I don't ever expect to get huge things for Christmas, nor do I really need them, but it's always fun to dream right? Now with the invention of Pinterest I feel like I am constantly creating a ridiculous wish list of things I couldn't even imagine having.

So here's my 2012 edition, I sure hope that Santa becomes my newest blog follower...

1. Cash Money
Lots of it. Enough to pay off all of my student loans, my car and credit card. I won't divulge an exact number, but I'll probably need more than can be seen in this picture...

2. A New Hip
Well it doesn't necessarily have to be new, but Santa if you could magically heal my hip so I can get back to running that would be greatly appreciated!

3. A Cute Old House in Richmond
I want a house with multiple floors and lots of space. Old charm, but new technology. Oh, and huge closets. On a nice road in Richmond. Pretty simple request...

4. All of the clothes on my Pinterest Style Board

5. Craft Room
Where I can paint and keep all of my crafting goodies. Also so I have a room all to myself that boys are NOT allowed in. Lots of pink and frilly girly decoration. And shelving for all of my paints!

Hope that everyone is enjoying the holiday season and that Santa brings you something fun!


Altax said...

May god help you to fulfill your wishes!!! Happy new year.

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timanddory said...

I love your blog! I just wanted to let you know that you have been nominated for a Liebster Award on my blog! You can check it out here: