Friday, September 28, 2012

Foodie Friday: Breakfast of Champions

My favorite meal of the day is breakfast for sure, I even have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to this spectacular meal! Not only is it the most important meal of the day, but I feel like it's the one meal where I really mix it up and have some variety from day to day. Unfortunately during the week I can't indulge in cooking up some eggs, veggies, grits and more, so I've become a master of quick, easy, and filling breakfast choices in the past few years.

I like to get up early and have plenty of time to get ready in the morning before I head out of the house, so typically I have five or ten minutes to actually sit down and eat. When this doesn't happen, I have some quick smoothie or take-a-long breakfast meals that are accessible. Breakfast is a really important meal for me, because I feel like I tend to get super hungry by the time lunch rolls around. So a mid-morning snack is also something I usually plan for.

First off, since I share so many different recipes, I've had someone ask me what I typically keep in my pantry/fridge. When it comes to items for breakfast (weekday or weekend) these are always a staple:

-Frozen fruit (berries, pineapple, peaches)
-Greek Yogurt (typically plain Chobani)
-Granola (Love Grown or Kashi Go Lean Crunch Cereal)
-Flax seed
-Chopped Walnuts
-Peanut Butter & Almond Butter
-Silk or Almond Milk
-Multigrain Frozen Waffles (I just get Eggos!)
-Spinach (just wait, I'll explain)
-Eggs or liquid eggs (typically both)
-Grapefruit (this kind rocks!)

Sometimes I might also pick up whole grain English Muffins or cottage cheese at the store too--gettin' crazy!

My first go-to breakfast for a while has been Greek Yogurt, though it's now not as frequent in my rotation. If you use the Kashi cereal instead of regular granola you up the protein even more--I typically don't need a snack with this guy!

Greek Yogurt + fruit (whatever kind you like) + granola + a bit of honey/sweetener (optional) 

Breakfast to-go eaten at work
When it starts to get cold, oatmeal is a great choice to warm you up for the day! I just use a packet of plain instant oatmeal and add a variety of things to spice it up. Here are a few of my variations:

Banana + peanut butter + drop of honey
Honey + chopped walnuts + chopped prunes (don't knock it 'til you try it)
Berries + chopped walnuts

Yes, that would be the Hunger Games in the background!
As soon as I bought a Ninja food processor/blender this summer I was on a total smoothie kick! Even better, our model has three smoothie cups with a different blender attachment where you can blend right in the cup. Hello convenience! I've experimented with a variety of different smoothies, all containing fruit, some with yogurt and even...the Green smoothie. This one scares Mr. Charming, but I don't care because it's yummy and I get a serving of vegetables before I even get to work. Some of my most used combos:

Green Machine: one banana + two big handfuls of spinach + flax seed + 3/4 c. Silk (pour over ice)
1/2 c. Greek Yogurt + banana + 1/4 c. frozen fruit  + 1/4 c. oatmeal + Silk + ice
1/2 c. Greek Yogurt (plain or Chobani chocolate chunk) + 2 tbsp. peanut butter + one banana + silk

That last one can tend to be a bit heavier, so I've only had this smoothie on mornings where I've gotten up and ran before work. I typically need an extra boost on those day and this does the trick!

On the weekends, I get fancy! Not really, but there's a bit more involved. I love making mini omelets or eggs over easy with whole grain toast and fruit. Typically I sautee up some onions, spinach, tomatoes or other veggies I have on hand to throw in the omelet or put eggs on top of. 

Please don't skip the most important meal of the day! There are so many quick and easy things you can do for breakfast in the morning, whether you're eating at home or taking something to the office/school with you. Start your day out right with protein too, or you'll want to snack all morning.

What are some of your favorite quick breakfast meals?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Crazy for Color

Two weeks ago we ran The Color Run and it was SUCH a blast! We went with one of my co-workers and his wife, and I'm so glad that I finally got to experience this. I've been seeing pictures from friends that have done it other cities and anxiously awaited for our date to arrive, another thing off the Life List!

We were shiny and clean before we started...

 And not so much afterwards... (though you kinda can't tell--fail)

Then there were tons of color clouds and packet bombing...

And color to the face...

We threw our letters up on The Happy Wall...

And enjoyed many color clouds!
Awkwardly caught this man and his baby...
It was a fun event, but it was crazy how many people were there! The race path was really crowded at some points, it would have been better if they spaced the waves out a bit more. I also envisioned the color being thrown at us from above instead of volunteers throwing from the sides. Some color stations were definitely not as powerful--some runners were even getting down and rolling around in the powder on the ground.

A few tips if you're going to do a color run:

1. Sunglasses. Pretty obvious, but you don't want the color in your eyes!
2. Washcloth/Handkerchief. When you run through the color stations it's everywhere...including your mouth. I luckily got this tip from my friend Michelle, so we took old USC football rally towels to put over our mouths as we ran through.
3. Pore Strips. Because you may have purple pores afterwards...
4. Body Scrub. Pair that with a good washcloth and you should be able to get all of it off in one shower!
5. Phone Case. If you're thinking of taking your phone or iPod into the race with you, find a good way to protect it. I have an armband that I always put mine into, and I knew that it would be safe in there from the colors. The only place my iPhone was affected was that there's a tiny bit of blue in the crack where the vibrate switch is. It's a nice memory though!
6. Location, location, location. If you're running the race with others (which I assume would probably be the case), think about identifying a place to meet up afterwards. That way if you want to run different paces, or get lost from each other you can easily find your friends post-race to enjoy in colorful fun together.

If you have the chance, take it! Have you participated in a Color Run race? Any other good tips to add for first-timers?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Carolina You Keep Callin' Me Home

This past weekend was a long one, but it was tons of fun to spend time with my family and see some of my friends from grad school in Columbia! The game had the perfect kickoff of 3:30pm so we still had time to enjoy the day, and go out for dinner afterwards. 

It took a bit to get used to temperatures in the 90*s now that it's started to cool down here, but Sunday was absolutely perfect weather and leaving was a bummer. There are definitely a lot of things that I miss about Columbia, so I was glad to spend some time visiting some of my favorite places. 

Tailgating with the fam & Mr. Charming

As I noted on Friday, I was definitely excited for some of my favorite Columbia food places! My parents got to Columbia earlier on Friday afternoon, and my mom texted me to inquire my order from Cupcake. I didn't get my salted caramel chocolate--but I did get banana pudding, so good! After the game we headed to Pearlz for dinner, and when my dad asked for recommendations, I realized I had only ever been there for happy hour...whoops!

Awesome seafood cobb salad!
As we walked to dinner we stumbled upon this lovely Gamecock...he was definitely not in the Vista last year!

We stayed long enough on Sunday for brunch, and then walked around the Horseshoe while we waited for the bookstore to open. I finally got a diploma frame and can't wait to get it up in my office! It was a nice weekend, but I was definitely excited to get home last night. And then I used my time extremely wisely to prepare for the week watched five episodes of The Walking Dead. I'm OBSESSED!

It's been nice to see a lot of friends and family the past few weeks but more than anything I'm looking forward to staying in Richmond and chilling this weekend!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Foodie Friday: Cola Edition

I'm so pumped that after work today I'll be in the car headed to Columbia, SC! It's USC's Parent's Weekend so I'm dragging Mr. Charming back down south with me to see my parents, sister, and lots of friends from grad school.

In lieu of my typical Foodie Friday, I felt I should highlight some of the awesome places I can't wait to eat at this weekend. Not kidding when I tell you I've been thinking about them since the trip was planned...

Yoghut is one of my favorite froyo places! I really think that Sweet Frog is my only comparison. They had such amazing flavors last fall (like pumpkin cheesecake!) and I'm hoping to catch a great one while I'm in town. If not, Garnet Velvet (red velvet with a Gamecock flair!) is always a fave.

We'll be doing Sunday brunch at the ever amazing DiPrato's. Mr. Charming's parent will be joining for the first official meeting of the parents...does that mean we're legit? Anyways--this place is known for their pimento cheese, which is to die for, but their breakfast is also heavenly. I know it will be crazy busy but oh so worth it!

My favorite sweet treats will always be from Cupcake (cue mouth watering). After checking out their fall flavor schedule, I'm hoping I can make it in there on Saturday morning before we leave to tailgate so I can grab one of my favorite flavors...Salted Caramel Chocolate--look at it sparkle!

Finally, a regular stop for me in grad school was at Cool Beans which is a coffee shop that sits right next to Wardlaw College of Education, where I had all of my classes. A fall special of theirs is a pumpkin chai latte (I know) and even though it's still going to be hot down there, I'd love nothing more than to grab one for a quick walk around the beautiful Horseshoe.

Hungry yet? Hope you enjoy these great Columbia food picks, check them out if you're ever in the area. Happy weekend and Go Gamecocks!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pedal to the Metal

So last week I neglected to share the next chapter in my fitness story, and I apologize you'll have to wait just one more week--but please stay tuned! Things have been BANANAS at work, my best friend got engaged so I unexpectedly drove home for the weekend, and I've started training this week for an 8k in November.

I don't quite have the energy to write the next chapter (or dig around my Facebook for more embarrassing pictures) so I decided instead to share a little about my first week of training!

All In My Twenties

I will be running the HCA VA 8k on November 8th here in Richmond and am excited to up my mileage a bit. I really wanted to do a 10k as it's almost an exact halfway point to half marathon distance but this is what's out there. There is a running group at work that started up to train for the 8k which I knew would be crucial to really keep me motivated.

We had our first meeting on Tuesday to really just check in and see where everyone is at. We're all at different levels and some people there are even training for the half that day. In true high school fashion, we did a timed mile so our coach could gauge our running status. I was really nervous as I haven't really ran a mile under 10:20 in ages. When I came around the last loop and he shouted 9:13 I wanted to cry.

That's just about 9:00 if I had pushed a bit more, which means I could easily get under 9:00 after training. Now I'm not sure if I could keep that pace up the entire race--but I felt pretty damn accomplished! After that I had two more miles left and wasn't allowed to go any slower than about 30 seconds on top of that. However, I stuck to a 10:00 pace or else I would have died.

Loving this Pinterest true!
As if that wasn't enough I then got up early yesterday morning to do a 30 minute tempo run as per my training schedule. While running I realized that's about six miles in a little over 12 hours...and then I felt it on the three flights of stairs up to my office.

I'm excited that tomorrow is a rest day, but I have four miles to get in on Saturday when we'll be in Columbia. I am pumped though to run on the Riverwalk which I miss dearly!! Also, I started a Daily Mile account to keep track of my training and connect with other Richmond runners--if you're on there add me.

Hope you've been having a good fitness week, I promise that the next chapter of my college edition fitness is coming up!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The One With the Engagement

There are TOO many things I'm loving this Wednesday! I'm loving that I got a good run in this morning, temperatures today are in the low 70s, I've got my first crock pot meal cooking away at home, and most importantly I heard Mambo No. 5 on the way to work this morning. When your day starts like that, what's not to love?

But let's cut to the chase, what I'm really loving this Wednesday (week, life in general...) is that my best friend is engaged!!!!!

My best friends from home and THE ROCK!
I know I've chatted about Nina many a times, because she's the BFF--but now there will be so much more to come! Her fiance Jay was a sneaky fox and got all of our friends together to go out at home afterwards to celebrate. He wasn't sneaky enough to get me home without raising questions of what he was up to, but it was still wonderful to be able to celebrate and surprise her.

So happy for you two :)
Now I am beyond thrilled to help with planning and just chat about wedding buzz in general. We've already been exchanging emails about wedding details and it makes me so giddy. I am so over the moon happy for the two of you and can't wait for the festivities to begin! And as for the title, if you're not a FRIENDS fan, well then I'm very sorry for you.

Happy Wednesday lovelies, cheers!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Where Were You?

Every September 11th, like most Americans, I go back to that very day and remember where I was, what was happening and how I was feeling. This was brought on a little earlier this year as Mr. Charming was watching a documentary on National Geographic last night that was an interview with George W. Bush on the attacks.

While every year I think about those who were lost, those who lost loved ones, and how our country came together, I don't always see the images again live on my TV screen. Though it's an image I could never forget, watching video of the smoldering towers is still and will always be hard.

On September 11, 2001 I was thirteen. I was in ninth grade, and I was in biology class with Mrs. Johnson at a high school that is just over 30 miles from the Pentagon. I remember that my teacher was from New York and when administrators came around and the classroom TV came on, her face crumbled. I remember that so many of my friends and classmates had parents working in the city, that so many of them were crying and had no clue what was happening in DC.

I remember that we got out of school early, that my little brother and sister were OK. But unfortunately we went home to watch the images replayed on every single channel we could get. I know this because I remember flipping through each and every channel. My mom was OK, my dad who worked closer to the city was OK.

However, there were many people that were not OK because of the events of that day. And that is something else I will always remember, and never forget.

Today as always I think about those in NY, DC and on Flight 93, and their loved ones that were left behind. Always remember, and never forget.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Gentlemen Start Your Engines!

My dad is a huge NASCAR fan and came in town this weekend for the Federated AutoParts 400 race at the Richmond International Raceway. I couldn’t believe that there is such a huge track right here in Richmond! I’ve never particularly been a race fan, I went to some when I was little with my dad and used to tell people I liked Jeff Gordon, I think only because his number is also my lucky/favorite one…24.

So we set out on Saturday to the race, and luckily my dad had looked at the weather and purchased some ponchos ahead of time because you can’t take umbrellas into the grandstands. Just as we began packing up the tailgate to walk up to the race it started to rain. Then we got there and it started to pour, I’m talking cats and dogs people. We were huddled under a staircase because the rain went right through the stands. This went on for more than an hour. 

Blue ponchos are so fetch right now!

During this experience I met a group of UR students that were volunteering at the race, and there were a few exchange students from Italy. If you don’t know me well yet I’m almost as Italian as you can get, and so then my dad proceeded to have a 20 minute conversation with them in Italian. Is this real life?

After waiting around forever the rain finally stopped. Quite a few people left at this point, but it made the stands more comfortable. I got my dad to buy me a long sleeve tee (score!) because the rain also significantly brought the temperature down. I’m usually so good at checking the weather in advance but not this weekend. Thankfully I’d had the sense to wear tennis shoes!

So does anyone know what happens when it rains at the race? Well the big drier trucks come out and dry the track of course! Trucks were pulling these huge jet driers around the track that sounded like airplanes and after a while it was finally dry enough and time to start.

Finally inside the track
They went for almost 150 laps (out of 400, mind you!) when I felt a raindrop. Inside I screamed “NOOOOOOOOO!” But Mother Nature said “Yes, ha ha ha ha!”

After an hour rain delay they were back on. Just whizzing around, and around, and around, and around, and…well you get the point. They hit 400 and someone (I’m not even sure who-whoops!) won. There weren’t too many exciting points, no real wrecks, fights or anything scandalous. 

People watching on the other hand…now that was where I found my excitement! I was a good girl and didn’t snap any pics but it was a horrendous sight. When we walked up to the track through the tailgate fields we saw a group with an inflatable hot tub (pump, heater and all), huge speakers, and a “dancing” pole. Sometimes I can be really embarrassed about other Americans. 

The race didn't end until 1:30am which was killer, but all in all it was nice to spend time with my dad and Mr. Charming. For last five laps we went and stood down near the track and it was insane just how fast these cars go. Though I don't care too much to watch it, I would LOVE to get my chance at zooming around the track. I'm going to start looking into that!

Anyone else get caught in the nasty rain around here this weekend?

Friday, September 7, 2012

Foodie Friday

TGIF!! I really don't know what has been up with me this week but I just feel like I've been all over the place. I've been a zombie at work and coming home after work or the gym and just wanting to go straight to bed. I think my overdose of sun from this weekend really got to me. And my peeling face will prove it, bleck. 

Though I've still got some stuff on my schedule I'm looking forward to a lazy-ish weekend and a long to-do list of things to get done around the apartment. My dad is coming tomorrow and we're going to the NASCAR race in town (I know), so that should prove to be interesting. I can't wait to people watch and tonight will even be making my very own pair of jean shorts for the occasion. My dad loves to go, so it should be a fun time together.

Anyways, back to Foodie Friday, YUM! All of these were awesome, enjoy!

Peanut Noodles with Edamame
Recipe is from this month's Real Simple

This dish was AWESOME! For some reason I couldn't find shelled edamame anywhere...any tips friends? So I got it in the pod and we steamed it and just had it as an appetizer while cooking and before we ate. I'd love to include it next time. I'm sure I'm a huge fan of cabbage so I may try to sub in some different veggies next time.

3/4 lb whole-grain linguine
1 cup frozen shelled edamame
1/2 cup peanut butter
3 tablespoons rice vinegar
2 tablespoons soy suace
1 tablespoon grated fresh ginger (I used a few shakes of dried, ground ginger)
1 teaspoon toasted sesame oil
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1 cup snow peas, trimmed and thinly sliced
1/4 small head red cabbage, thinly sliced (about 2 cups)
1/4 cup chopped roasted peanuts (I used unsalted)

First cook the pasta according to the package, adding the edamame in the last five minutes of cooking. Drain and set aside.

Meanwhile, in a blender, puree the peanut butter, vinegar, soy sauce, ginger, sugar, sesame oil and 1/2 cup water until smooth.

In a large bowl toss the pasta with the snow peas, cabbage and peanut dressing. Serve sprinkled with the peanuts.

Apricot Sesame Tilapia
My mom always used to make this with chicken, though you could also do it well with pork. I think next time I might try this on salmon as opposed to tilapia. It wasn't bad but I wasn't crazy about it, I think I may have not gotten my sauce to the exact liking.

1/2 cup apricot preserves
1 tablespoon Dijon mustard (I would try using 2 to make it a bit tangier)
splash of low sodium soy sauce
sesame seeds

Mix all ingredients (except seeds) thoroughly. Spread on top of desired fish or meat, then sprinkle with seeds and bake for the instructed cooking time for that fish/meat.

*Tip: definitely put foil down on your baking sheet for this recipe because the sauce will heat up and some will roll onto the sheet and make a sticky bubbly mess!

Fish Tacos
This actually a recipe that I shared from my very first Foodie Friday, but this week I went with pitas instead of tortillas and loved it! The fish and little bits of salsa stayed put much better this way.

Sushi a la Kroger
Last night I got lazy and opted out of making dinner, whoops! We typically go out to eat either Friday or Saturday night and instead decided to bring dinner swapping for tonight so we can stay in and cook together. I had yet to try sushi from Kroger (though I had always gotten it from Publix) and it was awesome! We shared two different rolls, spring rolls and seaweed salad. It was also an absolute perfect temperature outside in Richmond last night...fall is upon us!

Happy Friday friends, just a few more hours to the weekend! Try out any new recipes, or eat something out that you loved this week?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chapter Two: The Dining Hall Years

It's Thursday again, time for the next installment of my fitness journey! Last week was a nice glimpse into my "healthy-ish" past and now we'll fast forward to my extremely "unhealthy-ish" college years.

Dont Quote The Raven

So we left off with the summer after high school, and that picks up nicely at my freshman year of college. I moved in at UNC Wilmington in August 2005 and was in love. With everything. The campus, the beach down the road, the people...and most importantly, the food. Whether it was the campus dining hall, new local food places to try, or after hours fast food whenever I wanted, food was everywhere. 

My waistline, hips and rear didn't even know what was coming. 

I will credit one of my largest food weaknesses to dining halls. I am smart person that (now) knows a good deal about nutrition and eating healthy, but when you put things right in front of me I typically have no self control. And this would be why I don't keep sweets or junk food in my house (much to Mr. Charming's chagrin).

One of my favorite dining hall foods was breakfast pizza. What is that you ask? Well it's pizza dough with sausage gravy as the "sauce", smothered in cheese with chunks of egg and either sausage or bacon on top. What in the hell was I thinking? Don't judge though, it really is awesome!

By early fall I was already out shopping for a larger pair of pants. Again, you'd think I would have clued in to the fact that I should stop eating multiple plates of food and late night crunch wrap supremes at Taco Bell, but I didn't.  

I'm in the blue--woof!
Of course it wasn't just the food, it was also my new sedentary life style. I'm not into sports so I didn't get involved in intramurals, and I hardly ever visited the rec center since I had never independently exercised in my life at this point. I did walk to class but our campus wasn't too big, and I always took the stairs to my fourth floor residence hall room. 

Soon after the spring semester started I was at my largest ever, and couldn't believe that I had gone up almost three pants sizes in half a year. I remember going to the gym a few times during that semester to run a few laps on the track, but I was so out of shape I called it quits after just a few visits. And then I went back to the dining hall, duh.

With my suitemate Scotlan
It took all year and some reflection to really catch my brain up to speed with how much I had let my body change in just over a year. Once I was back home for the summer and reminiscing about being back at college, I would flip through pictures on Facebook a lot. We had also just gotten that feature to upload pictures and I was still pretty obsessed with it. Yes, that makes me feel very old. 

I saw this picture of me and some of my suitemates from one of the last weeks of the semester and that's when it finally hit me...

That was not the Anna I knew just a year before. Where did she go? Who is that girl that ate her and then took on a similar resemblance? Oh wait, that was me. And just in time for summer, the season involving the least amount of clothes. 

Stay tuned for next week to hear about how I started to try and get my life together, and how my obsession with ice cream took a serious turn when I started working at Coldstone..

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm totally loving that yesterday I finally ran over four miles for the first time since February, and the first time since I signed up for the Princess Half!

Reasons that I  finally got to four miles (probably)...

1. Girl Talk
Not gossip, music. The Girl Talk Pandora radio station has completely changed my world. I have loved running to Girl Talk in the past, but only had a few of their mixes which got old after a while. I enjoy a good variety of tunes when I run and this station kept me jamming the entire time!

2. I Just Did It
Every day that I go to run I start with the mindset of "Oh I'm just going to run my three miles today". I get to three miles and immediately my body is done because I've already set the precedent. Today I decided I would just try and run as long as I could...and clearly that was a better choice. When I wanted to stop and walk I just didn't. When I cramped or got achy, I just ran through it. As I really get into training I'm definitely going to need to keep this mindset.

3. Princesses
I signed up for a half marathon and that has YET to light a fire under my behind to get it together. I'm about to sign up for an 8k in November, and for a running group to train as well. Now I don't want to be the slow person in the running group so I need to train for training. Makes sense right?

4. Good Choices
I began the day with a good breakfast that filled me up, and made great choices after that. I even resisted brownies and cookies at an event this afternoon...major step! After doing so well all day I first of all felt in great shape for a run and two, wanted to really make this day count.

Cottage cheese and nectarine, yum!
5. Proving Myself
Didn't think too much when I was throwing clothes in my gym bag the night before and so I was totally that matchy-matchy girl at the gym that I despise. Bright pink and yellow shoes with neon yellow shorts, gray tank and bright pink sports bra. I almost felt like I could see the stares and judging. If I had just grabbed the blue sports bra! After this realization I knew I had to go big or go home, and reassess my workout wardrobe.

Don't judge my bed...
Now that I've hit four I really need to keep it up. Additionally, do I hold my iPhone weird? What the heck is up with my pinky? I feel like it shakes so much unless I hold it steady with my other hand!

Happy hump day--what are YOU loving this Wednesday?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summertime Blues

Although fall doesn’t technically begin until September 22nd this year (with the fall equinox of course!), I still can’t help feeling that summer is behind us now that we’re past Labor Day. It’s not really fair to have your first beach trip of the season during the last real weekend of summer…what kind of sick joke is that? I guess this means I need to plan plenty of them for next summer!

I’m glad I was able to spend this last long weekend and mini break with the beach, my best buds, and some cold brews. In my book that’s the definition of summer.

This weekend was spent doing a lot of this…

I slept in, and then I napped all day. Jealous? Well don’t be too jealous, because after that good nap I legitimately looked like a lobster.

As always I gazed out at the beach houses picking ones in my head that I’d like to dream of owning one day, and just how different the porch might look if I was their owner. 

Then we spent a little time doing this…and by “we” I meant everyone but me (who was still napping). 

Monday came and it was time to say goodbye, however I can never visit my college town and not take time to enjoy some of my favorite things. After a big debate (in my head) of where to eat my one real Wilmington meal, I of course chose Flaming Amy’s Burrito Barn and got a “What a Jerk” burrito with jerk tofu. Wish I could have taken back a huge thing of pineapple jalapeno salsa; I’m bound and determined to recreate the recipe. 

Then we drove through campus which always makes me want to just lay down in the middle of the commons and cry. Not in a super sad way but just in a way that I wish I could back and live 2005-2009 for the rest of my life. Well, I’d change a few things, and I do love being a grown up, but maybe just the chance to do it one more time. Emo much? Probably. 

It’s insane to see some of the changes like what used to be a huge commuter parking lot that now has two academic buildings and an addition on the rec center that’s tripling its original size. Love to see it continue to grow though.

So it has come and gone, and now we must wait another year. I’m excited about fall, but never about winter. Especially since winter will be colder than usual for me this year. Whomp.

Hope that everyone enjoyed a wonderful holiday weekend, what did you do to commemorate the last weekend of summer?

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday Snaps

Hope everyone's holiday weekend is off to a great start! I'm most likely on the beach enjoying Kure and visiting with friends from home. After working hard all summer at both work and getting our apartment together, I'm excited for a mini vacay.

I'm always so bad at sharing my iPhone snapshots, so let me photo dump some fun stuff from the past few weeks...

Is this not the coolest flash drive? Of course the other half makes it into the full shape, UR really loves them some Spiders!

I accidentally took this picture...can you tell? But I thought the clouds looked too fun. Abstract? Maybe I'm just a wanna be photographer...

Finally got my bridesmaid dress for Morgan's wedding! I even found the perfect shoes...

I've decided that I'd like to be reincarnated into a cat. I do have some stipulations on that but I see them laying around like this on the daily and can't help but be jealous when I'm running around like a mad woman.

Enjoy the weekend, wear that white by Monday night!