Friday, January 25, 2013

Back in the Game

I did it! After my incessant Wednesday evening ramblings I did this yesterday...

I put on gym clothes for the actual reason of going to the gym! I got on that damn stationary bike for an hour where I finished How to Be a Hepburn in a Hilton World (horrible review to come later), and began Katie Couric's The Best Advice I Ever Got (which is beyond fabulous already).

Afterwards I even picked up weights and did some arm exercises--which I have had absolutely no excuse for with my hip injury. My arms can move just fine! And I found out in my employee wellness check up session yesterday, my arm strength has actually increased since back in August/September. I guess all of that crutching around paid off some! 

Somehow I've only gained one pound since then, but several inches... I cannot wait to get back in the game, just going to the rec center yesterday for that session got me pumped up.

In other news who else watching Grey's last night realized that chick who came in with the pregnant woman that needed the liver transplant was actually Theresa from The OC?

Takes you way back right? I stared at her for a few scenes before I simultaneously texted my BFF and tweeted about it only to be confirmed by both sources that it was indeed Theresa. Makes me want to settle in with my season two discs this weekend and go back in time.

And just one more take you back moment for my '90s kids out there. This seriously made me tear up today and really wonder why I couldn't stay in elementary school forever...

Happy Friday friends--do something good this weekend!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I'm Going to Get on the Damn Stationary Bike

I know I've been awful at consistently posting for the past few months, and honestly I felt a little bad about it at first because blogging had become something that I really loved. But even in grad school my blogging ebbed and flowed with what I had going on in class and at my graduate assistantship. I'd say that's about the same as this first year in the professional world as well, which I'm still trying to navigate and find my happy medium--which could be (and maybe will be) an entire post to itself about how there really will never be a perfect balance. But more on that later...

I was compelled to blog today for two reasons that were completely separate, but mixed together in a time span of just over 12 hours they completely blended together. 

First, I've been watching The Biggest Loser like it's going out of style this season. Why? Well for one, Jillian Michaels is back and better than ever. I am also loving how they're highlighting the issue of childhood obesity in this season, which is something I've been noticing from afar without making many comments or actions on the issue. And also because this past year was my own "Biggest Loser" journey. Without directly focusing on losing weight (just good old exercise and healthy eating) I lost about 15 pounds in early 2012 which I had been working to lose for a while. When I started getting compliments and realized I could comfortably fit into the dresses that had always been a bit too small for me I was ecstatic. And I bought a scale (mistake #1). I stopped eating meat and have made various other decisions to be conscious of my health and I what I put into my body. 

This week's episode is what really got to me. As I watched it last night (thank you DVR!) all of the contestants were faced with a challenge to run a 5k, and would win a sum of money to be split among their team based on how their team cumulatively placed with time. As they set off running I started thinking about my first 5k, which was just this past March. How now I look down at a 5k like a warm up run, but when I hit 3.1 during training for that very first time I felt more proud than any other accomplishment I'd ever achieved. As the fastest contestants began nearing the finish line (so proud of my girl Danni for coming in first!) and starting sprinting to their goal, I legitimately got teary. Of course Mr. Charming laughed at me because I cry at everything, but I remembered that great feeling. When I crossed the line at my first 5k I couldn't believe I had actually finished a race, and when I crossed it at my first 8k this fall I was literally on cloud 9. I actually did get tears as I made my way for the finish line. I'm not quite sure there's any better feeling in the world. 

With my friend Diana post 8k
As I thought a little more about my feelings during the show I realized something bigger. It also hurt a little to see them finish because since the middle of November, my hip injury has taken running away from me. Running was something that became such a big part of me and my life this year and I honestly can see a difference in my mood and happiness level without it. While I started to get down about this fact I then stumbled upon something else--I gave up. My doctor didn't tell me no activity at all, he said I could do only water activities and the stationary bike. Not satisfied with that I instead sat my butt down for the entire holiday season and indulged in far too many sweets and libations. Heck, there's even a guy on the Biggest Loser with a stress fracture in his knee and he's still out there everyday doing what he's allowed to do and continuing to drop the pounds each week. I decided to stop exercisingmy hip didn't decide that for me.

While all of the above brewed and stewed in my head since last night, thanks to Twitter I stumbled upon this blog post today from Ali On The Run. As I read it I felt like I need to meet this Ali ASAP because we're the same person and everything she poured into that blogpost is everything I've thought at some point or another. I started this year wanting to be healthier, but I see far too many things that affected me negatively because I actively bought into them. There are so many damn pictures on Pinterest about exercising and promoting "Just work hard (oh, and don't eat) and you can be sickly thin like me!" One I really hated was some Pin talking about rules to be skinny or how to lose 10 lbs or something and listed all of these ridiculous things like drink a huge glass of water instead of eating a meal. Why have I continued to follow the boards that are continuously putting these disgusting pins into my line of vision?

Enjoy my rant and ramblings? I think I've summed everything into a few words: take action. If I'm limited to a certain amount of activity, who cares if I hate getting into the pool--I've now lost all of the cardio endurance I built up all of 2012. I'm already dreading running my first mile post injury because the emotional side of knowing I can run 6+ miles is going to kick in and put me down when I can barely run taking action on my thoughts will be huge. I also need to take serious action to clean up my social media streams of who I've followed and deemed important to spend my time viewing. 

As a pretty positive person I'm rather surprised that I let myself get into this rut, but I let the injury get the best of me and used it as an excuse to lapse back into my sedentary, junk eating past self. From this point forward I'm going to change that around. Tomorrow I'm taking my butt to the gym and getting on that damn stationary bike no matter how much I'd rather get on the treadmill.