Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Year of Dates

When Mr. Charming and I lived an hour apart, we always spent our weekend time going on many trips and adventures. We would always plan fun dates to explore our respective towns together to make the most out of the 48 hours that we could spend with each others. 

Now that we live together it's so easy to just sit in with each other (which we also enjoy) and forget to go do fun and romantic things together. I'll admit that it can definitely be much harder when you live with your significant other because you really have to carve out the time for dates and fun. You always hear this about marriage and I always thought it sounded crazy, but no, it's not. 

Especially since we're now in a new city we have so much to explore and experience together. One of our New Years goals together was to make a conscious effort to date each other more. Yes, you read right! Trying to have at least one date night a week, even if sometimes that's cooking a nice dinner and having some candles on while we eat.

As our anniversary approached I thought long and hard about what to do for Mr. Charming. I'm always one to give "experiences" rather than material things and after remember this awesome idea for "A Year of Dates" I saw on Pinterest a while ago I knew it was perfect.

So I start hoarding Groupons & Living Socials for activities in town and coming up with a great list that correlated with the time of year. Instead of huge packets I decided to get a box of cards, and when I couldn't find any plain ones I went with these girly lovey dovey ones and turned my gift into a "thank you". A thank you for being you, for making me happy and being a partner for adventure.

At the end of each month he can open the envelope for the next month so we can plan when we want to go on our special date. Since it was around Valentine's day I also found some heart stickers to put on our calendar to mark the occasion. 

Unfortunately I can't share all of the date ideas yet because they'll be opened one at a time, but he was excited for the first envelope, February, which will be five sessions of dance lessons that we're going to do along with one of my co-workers and her beau. 

He loved it, and it will be the gift that keeps on giving as we get to enjoy it until this time next year. I'll keep in touch each month to let you know what our "date of the month" is. 

When I opened Mr. Charming's gift, which is the charm above for my Pandora bracelet, I'll admit I was a little confused. He had to explain to me that this is the journey bead and it shows many twists & turns and bumps in the road. He got it to symbolize the effort that I've been putting into my health and the journey I went through with my hip stress fracture. Getting this on the same day I started my PT for recovery was absolutely perfect. And I also got a massage & facial--I'm pumped to get them soon!

Meaningful gifts really make an occasion that much more special and I have such a fun time planning gifts for other people. Peruse Pinterest and do some Googling before the next gift you're looking to give and find something special to get or make for that person--the feeling is priceless!


The Art of Being Happy said...

I have to thank you for this post. DK's and my "10 years of being together anniversary" is this April, and I have been banging my head against the wall about what to get him. You just solved this problem for me! You so smart! ;-) xoxo

Charlotte said...

This is SUCH a great idea! I'm definitely more of an "experience" giver than a giver of material things - I just know how much stuff I have and I don't need anymore!

I've been thinking about doing this for restaurants here in town; we always end up eating at the same ones instead of going to one we've never been to. Maybe I'll make a list of 12 and pick a new one each month!

LOVE this idea! Thanks for posting :)

Anna said...

Thanks Mo! I'm sure that Damien would love it. I got the idea from Pinterest (of course!) so can't take too much credit but this was definitely a fun one!