Monday, February 4, 2013

Healthy Self

In the month of December I signed up for the Elf 4 Health Challenge that was coordinated by The Lean Green Bean and Nutrionella. It was a month packed full of daily challenges to keep you on your toes during the tricky holiday season. Simple challenges like "eat the rainbow", "drink your weight in ounces of water," and even things like "clean out your closets for Good Will."

It was a great way to stay motivated and also see other people that were trying to do the same things. Which such a larger response they decided to keep things going post holidays with Healthy sELF!

With Healthy sELF they've adapted to just a few challenges per week for you to keep up with, which is much more manageable. Today's challenge is Meatless Monday--and that's an easy one since every day is meatless for me!

Whether you hit the gym everyday and eat like you're should, or maybe you slip up a lot of the time (like me!) this is a great way to try and hold yourself more accountable for living a healthy lifestyle. And you'll meet some great bloggers through it too like Kat from The Road I'm Running who I met during Elf 4 Health!

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Charlotte said...

I just signed up too! Can't wait!