Thursday, February 21, 2013

Isn't It Ironic...

...dontcha think? It's like raaaaiiiiiiinnnnnnnn...

OK, enough with Alanis but I couldn't help it as I had this song in my head yesterday thinking about the irony (if it's even irony--which most of Alanis' song actually is not--fun fact) of timing with my physical therapy.

I will need to share one very important thing up front, and that is that I am in LOVE with PT. It's great. I get to move and exercise, my doc is hilarious, and there are always other interesting patients to talk to. The intern there probably got more than he wanted as the career advisor in me came out to ask him 20 questions about why he wants to be a PT.

At my first appointment on Monday my doc, Bruce, said that I could run some on Wednesday so he could do a gait analysis and check things out. My heart skipped a beat.

I then spent the next two days telling everyone that I was going to get to run on Wednesday and I was on cloud nine. Yesterday I was doing my last exercise and he told me afterwards to go ice and then he'd come work with me and I could leave. I immediately responded with a panicked "BUT YOU SAID I COULD RUN TODAY?!" He thought this was amusing and then kept pretending that I wasn't going to get to run, luckily that was not the case.

When I was finished I did five minutes of brisk walking on the treadmill and then like a slow motion movie moment I increased the speed to 5 mph and began to run. I ran for the first time since Thanksgiving morning (89 whole days--21 of those on crutches) during the week leading up to the half-marathon I was originally training for.

If I had thought about it beforehand I probably would have made Bruce snap a picture of me running with a thumbs up for the blog, I'm such a bad blogger. I was only allowed to run for nine minutes, but I lasted for five before I remembered that I lost all of my endurance during those 89 days of no running.

I'm cleared to get back into hot yoga, barre class and even do some light running. I think I'll stick towards some different exercises before really pounding the pavement, but I couldn't be more elated. As soon as I left I started calling and texting everyone to share my five minutes of glory.

If you're wondering how pictures of pizza correspond with this post--they don't. Isn't that ironic? Nope? OK, worth a try.

In true blogger fashion, this is what I ate for dinner last night and it was absolutely ah-maze-ing. What wasn't amazing what I clogged the kitchen sink trying to put veggie trash in the garbage disposal...and that I forgot about calling our apartment maintenance about it until just now...

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Hi! New follower and fellow sorority gal. Your blog is adorable!