Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Keep Doing More

In early 2012 I made some off-the-beaten-path resolutions. I realized that I hate goals that are all about getting rid of things, whether that's pounds on your body, clutter in your house, or gross foods from your diet. I rather think that resolutions should be about doing, and so I pledged to do more.
I did fairly well for the first half of the year and even used a tag with my posts to track the "more" that I was doing. Unfortunately life got crazy and though I stopped documenting, I did continue doing throughout the remainder of 2012. I think that a weekly recap was a bit much to keep up with, but maybe monthly can work better for 2013. 

Although I've yet to do a 2012 recap (which I'll still be doing soon because I love looking back at the year!) I've edited my list of "doing more" for 2013, and commit myself to reflecting at the end of each month on how I've been making an effort to really do more...

Be more creative.
Make more things DIY rather than buying at the store
Paint and craft more for my Etsy shop
Use my talents to make meaningful gifts for the ones I love
Write more.
Resume writing in my journal regularly
Blog more to share life with family and friends
Send more cards and letters to friends and family
Read more.
Read more books and novels that I enjoy rather than watching TV
Stay current on US & world news, take time to learn more about politics 
Spend more time reading news & articles on student affairs and higher education
Cook more
Try out 5 new recipes each month
Make a conscious effort to prepare my meals rather than eating prepackaged food
Buy more local food and produce to cook 
Speak more.
Ask more questions...at work, with friends, with family, everywhere
Be bold and speak up when people challenge my morals and what I believe in
Make a better effort at keeping in touch with friends and family
Spend more time outside. 
Go for a walk outside at least once a week
When the weather is nice spend time on the weekends exploring parks 
Take a walk around campus at the end of lunch a few times a week
See more.
Explore new places...they don't have to be far
Experience one new thing in Richmond each month
Take every opportunity to explore around when traveling

Even if you've already created goals and resolutions for yourself this year, I challenge you to think about how you can do more, especially if what you've created limits you to not doing, or trying to get rid of things. Trying to do more of good things can be much easier than doing less of not so good things, and from my personal experience, it yields much better results!

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