Saturday, February 9, 2013

Spicy Stuffed Peppers

I absolutely love stuffing food with more food--who doesn't love that? Stuffed peppers are one of my favorite things to make in the winter, they have a comfort food feel but as long as you stuff them responsibly, they don't have a comfort food calorie level.

This recipe is from Quick & Easy Recipes, but naturally I jipped it off of Pinterest. The original recipe uses a different kind of pepper, but I went with red bell, my favorite. 

I found them to be amazing with a touch of sour cream and had some of the Quinoa & Black Bean Chips I got from Trader Joe's this weekend--which are also amazing by the way. What made them easier then other stuff pepper recipes I've cooked is that there's no grain or starch in the filling, where you'll usually find rice or quinoa. That one ingredient can significantly raise the cooking time.

The Rating
Approx time: 35 mins
Effort: 2/5
Yummyness: 4/5
How to make it easier: You could definitely prepare the stuffing ahead of time and then reheat it while you roast the peppers prior to stuffing. 
How to cut the calories: Cut the dairy...but that would be unfortunate...mmm cheese
Mr. Charming says: Two thumbs up!
Make it again?: Definitely

These were simple and delicious, they'll definitely be added into the regular rotation!

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Nicole Joelle said...

We're a fan of stuffed peppers at our house too! So easy and yummy :) Thanks for joining me today for Sweet Simplicity!