Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sweet Like Candy to My Soul

I wasn't going to do it, but I'll get mushy & gushy with you today. I'm not a crazy fan of Valentine's Day, probably because my current Valentine is also my first one. Whenever this day rolled around was always the time of year I seemed to not be dating anyone.

What I loved though was getting very accustomed to date nights with my sorority sisters who were also single, my roommate Brittany bringing me heart shaped Bojangle's Bo-Berry biscuits, and packages of candy from my mom. The latter of which didn't happen for the first time this year...

However I'd say having a Valentine switches things up. My first V-day with Mr. Charming was right when we first start dating so it was a memorable one. We dressed up fancy (which I can never get him to do now) and he took me to a yummy Italian restaurant in Aiken, SC. Afterwards we drank wine and played 20 questions for much longer than 20 questions.

Now that our anniversary falls four days after V-day we've decided to just go out for dessert tonight as we'll do a big dinner next Monday. But I was still happy to receive this new desk decor today...

Here are some of my favorite Valentine-sy things this year, courtesy of Pinterest of course!

I am a SUCKER for cards of any kind so of course I definitely put a lot of thought into what I buy. These DIY cards are adorable though and I'm going to keep them in the back of my mind for the future (and the first one reminds of a great song by Matt Nathanson):

I made these goodies for my little brother this year and hope they get to TN in a timely manner for him--recipe and a funny story involving my bad math skills to come later...

And a few more lovely bits for you...

Definitely thinking that the second one sums up Mr. Charming forcing me to watch the State of the Union this week. I fell asleep.

Happy Valentine's Day loves, spread it around to those you care about it while you can!


Charlotte said...

This post just makes my heart happy! Y'all have a fabulous dessert night tonight and anniversary on Monday!

And that little poem? Swoon.

Andrea Petty said...

So cute!! Love it

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Those cards are both really cute ideas! Sounds like your very first Valentines together was more than a little romantic. Very sweet. :)