Thursday, February 7, 2013


I hopped out of bed and into the shower this morning all the while giddy about it being Friday. Excited about plans after work for happy hour, and getting to sleep in tomorrow, and... WAIT A MINUTE! It's just Thursday... *sigh*

Did this happen to anyone else this morning?

I'm glad that I've got a Friday to look forward to though. First thing in the morning I head back to the orthopedic and am excited to finally have this silly hip injury behind me. It's been the most frustrating thing ever because it doesn't hurt (unless running) and has incredibly limited my physical activity. I feel like a gross slob as I sit on the couch reading or watching TV at night. I know that was a choice I made and I've already rambled about it enough so I'll stop. I'm hoping that I get the all clear to start easing back into activity tomorrow, keep your fingers crossed...

Second, my BFF is coming for the weekend tomorrow! We haven't spent much time alone together since she got engaged back in September so I'm excited to hear about wedding updates and even go try on my bridesmaid dress with her this weekend.

New Years 2013
Lastly, this has absolutely nothing to do with this weekend but I'm also excited that I've painted my nails a fun light color. I've officially decided that it's going to be spring now and I don't care about the weather but I'm sick of dark drab colors. Take that mother nature!

Revlon: Jaded
Happy Thursday, just think...this time tomorrow it will be FRIDAY!!

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Charlotte said...

Hahaha, this post is perfect! I thought for sure yesterday was Friday too! But at least now, it finally is! Have a great weekend with your BFF,