Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The One With The Ring

If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, I'm sure you've seen the news that I added a new piece to my jewelry collection this past weekend...

Yes, Mr. Charming popped the question and I said yes!

I'll be honest that as soon as it happened I was so stressed out that it was going to leak onto social media before I had time to share the good news with my close friends and family. It's sad that something like that has become an issue these days but I'm glad all of my VIPs kept it quiet until we made the ever popular relationship status change on Facebook yesterday. Even though I gave up Facebook for Lent, whoops. I've been good about the coffee though!

I've shared this story plenty of times since Saturday and have been asked even more since the news went viral so naturally I turn to my faithful little blog (which I've had throughout our entire relationship) to share the story with you...

To premise I had a sneaking suspicion that this was going to happen last weekend. I am insanely intuitive (and overthink everything) and Mr. Charming can have the tendency to get really excited about keeping secrets, bless his heart. When him and my mother were being so intent on what weekend they were coming to visit and what we were going to do my brain went into overdrive, especially because MC is not a planner, nor did I think he wanted to voluntarily go back to the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens with me.

On Saturday I had to go to a retreat for the Sigma chapter that I advise, but since my parents were coming I said I could just leave after lunch. It was stressing everyone out that I didn't know exactly what time lunch was (another clue). I had to pick up my friend Liz, another advisor, on the way there because her car wouldn't start and of course I wasn't just going to leave her afterwards. We started fumbling around with jumper cables and called AAA, much to my father's discontent on the phone that we didn't have the brainpower to do it ourselves. Turns out that corrosion on my battery was the issue, we got the car running, but it also turns out that I ended up pushing MC's plans back by two hours, whoopsies!

MC also conveniently had a volleyball coaches meeting on Saturday (which never happens) that conveniently got pushed back another hour after the car jumping debacle (which I'm also sure wouldn't happen). So the plan was for my parents and I go to to the gardens by ourselves and he would try to join us when he was finished.

When I got home I was cold and tired and just wanted to sit down but then we were immediately out the door for the gardens. Except I pushed it a few minutes farther by going back to the apartment because I forgot to change my purse, typical. We got there and headed to the conservatory to view the orchid exhibit going on and my spidey sense had me peaking around corners waiting to find MC somewhere lurking around.

How cute is that idea to "frame" the flowers?!
Meanwhile my mom's phone was going off every other second and she was furiously text messaging someone (which again, doesn't usually happen). I was whisked back into rooms we had already been in, and there's really only so long you can stare at the same flowers.

Finally it was time to head back towards the front of the gardens and my parents attempted to fall behind me as we were walking up there. Halfway through The Fountain Garden I saw MC appear out of nowhere and was excited that I was right (duh!). He had his little schpeal about our lives together and shared some sweet words with me, then halfway through I look down and see these letters on the ground.

They are backwards because that's how I walked up to them!
"Oh cute I didn't even see those!" -Me
"What?!! You didn't see those yet?!" -MC
"Whoops..." -Me

But alas he got down on one knee...

And I decided that even though he has a hard time keeping secrets, I love him too much to not see what other surprises he might have in store for me in life. So I put the ring on! I am absolutely in love with it. The stone is from my great-grandmother's ring, I was born on her birthday and got her ring for my 21st. Somehow it looks even more amazing in my own ring!

We then took the obligatory pictures, and luckily had great scenery even if it was a bit yucky outside.

After that the weekend was a whirlwind. Due to me pushing everything back, oh and then MC getting pulled over for speeding on his way to the gardens, (prompting my parents to make me look at flowers more than once) but was let go after telling the cop his plans and showing him the ring, our schedule was pretty tight. Thank you Mr. Cop whoever you are--we appreciate it!

We went straight home to change and Greg's family came up from GA to join us for dinner. Then we went out with my friends from home and new friends from Richmond to celebrate for the rest of the evening. It was an absolute blast and I couldn't have been happier to have my favorite people in one place to enjoy the day.

The game of twenty questions began only a mere 16 hours after I slipped the ring on my finger. Have you thought about when? Have you thought about where? Tell me EVERYTHING!

No dates or plans yet people, I am in no rush to run down the aisle. Of course you can expect to hear some updates as I get to planning and I apologize in advance that this blog will be taking on a wedding theme for the next 12+ months. Sorry not sorry!


celinda_m said...

Congratulations, darling! The story is a lovely one. I totally knew Mr. LaBella was going to propose too. ;) Enjoy engaged life with Mr. Charming!

Amy said...

Congratulations!! And you look beautiful in all of your engagement photos! Love your outfit :)

Rachel said...

Congrats to you both!!! I wish you both years of happiness!!

Ashley said...

Glad you shared it! I didn't want to overwhelm you by asking to spell it out via text. Can't wait to celebrate with you next time I see you!

Managing Meagan said...

Aw! Congrats!!! That's a gorgeous ring!!! :)

Jenna Thurn said...

Congratulations!! My husband proposed in a little garden too! Your ring is beautiful!