Sunday, March 10, 2013

Biggest Loser Challenge

This season Mr. Charming and I have made a ritual out of watching The Biggest Loser on Monday nights. While I've watched the show before this was his first time and he's really enjoyed it. We have absolutely fallen in love with (most) of the contestants. I know I've shared my love for Danni on the blog before...

Each time I watch it I am so inspired to go out and do good with my health and fitness for the rest of the week. It gets me so pumped, well, Jillian Michaels gets me so pumped. I would seriously kill for a personal training session with her. Most likely want to kill her at the end, but still. 

What I've found to be the most interesting about the show is the reason that so many people may not be at their peak levels of fitness and health (and I'm in no way claiming to be), there are so many simple things you can adjust in your daily life to be healthier. I'll be the first to admit that sometimes I don't eat all of servings of fruits and veggies, or I might blow off a workout to stay at home and watch TV. 

I've been toying around with the idea of doing a challenge between MC and I, not to see who can lose the most pounds, but to more or so challenge ourselves to be healthy. And so I've come up with the Biggest Loser Challenge! It will begin tomorrow and go for the next eight weeks (until May 6), and I invite you to challenge yourself along with us if you wish!

Biggest Loser Challenge @ My Semi-Charmed Life
For this challenge we've come up with a set of "rules". These are flexible, we made them based on how we know ourselves so if you're going to come along on this journey with us, feel free to add additional rules and "up" the numbers on things. (For example, I'm setting a goal of five workouts a week for myself, but for MC I thought three would be a good number.)

No soda
No fast food
At least three workouts per week 
Keep up with MyFitnessPal
Sundays are Last Chance Workouts*
Sweet treats only on the weekends (fruit & other natural desserts during the week)
Eat as much real food as you can, think twice before eating out of packages!

*On the BL show the day before weigh-ins are "Last Chance Workouts" and these are super intense and longer workouts 

In addition to rules, each week on the BL show there is a challenge. Now we can't get crazy and do some of the things on the show that involve foam pits and lakes, but we came up with some different challenges

While we already go meatless, I've added that as a challenge idea for those who are participating along with us. I'll actually be on vacation that week so our personal week 5 challenge will be to "Do It On Your Own" since we won't have each other for motivation--or to keep us on track! Feel free to adapt, but each week on Sunday I'll share some tips, tricks and recipes to make the week's challenge easier for you.

In order to keep track of stats I made a handy dandy spreadsheet that you're welcome to use as well. The link will take you to a Google Doc document that you can save your own copy of, or download as an Excel spreadsheet. I included the rules and challenges (which you can adapt for your needs) in addition to a "stats" page.

For us, it's not as much about the pounds as getting fit, eating well and building some more muscle. We're still going to keep track of weight loss, but each week we're also going to do measurements too to see the difference it's really making. If you're doing the challenge solo feel free to delete out the second person's columns, or adjust to you and your partner's initials. 

Now you might ask what does it mean to be the winner? Well, this is another thing that's totally up to you! We both have a major sweet tooth so we're leaving our one indulgence of sweets (most likely fro-yo!) to Saturdays. The loser will be buying dessert and in addition has to make the bed all week! The winner will be tasked with putting together the "Last Chance Workout" for that Sunday. 

So who's ready to come along on this journey with us? I'm signing up for a 10k that is on May 5 at the end of the last week of this challenge so I'm really hoping that this will keep me on track with my training and really whip me back into shape after my hip injury last fall. 

If you're coming along for the ride, then feel free to link-up on Mondays with a recap of your week. How did your challenges go? Are you sticking to your rules? Try something new that worked well? Share it with the group. I'm going to go and indulge in a yummy meal with my mom and brother this evening before kicking things off tomorrow morning!


Lisa said...

oh i love this idea!!!! i might have to join!

Leslie Staack said...

Love the idea!!

Anna T. said...

Thanks Leslie, I hope that you'll join along! I noticed you're a "no reply blogger" meaning you don't provide an email address when you comment. To fix this so bloggers can reply to your comments via email check out this post: