Monday, March 18, 2013

BL Challenge: Week 1 Recap

Time to look back at the first week of the Biggest Loser Challenge! It was a great week eating lots of fruits and vegetables and event though I regularly eat quite a few I'll admit some days it was a challenge to grab some sugar snap peas instead of pretzels for a snack.

clockwise from top left

1. Had one of the best veg meals at a restaurant ever this past Saturday night! The portobella caps had this awesome balsamic reduction. Isn't that plate just gorgeous? | 2. Made one of our favorite dishes, Mexican Baked Eggs, which is full of lots of yummy veggies. I love the colors! | 3. Started Saturday out with a produce filled meal of egg sandwiches with guac, sauteed veggies and some mango. | 4. Went to Kuba Kuba on Tuesday and I got a massive bowl of veggie paella that I ate for three more meals after that, it was loaded! | 5. Mr. Charming sent me a text of this lunch he had at school with the caption "See I do eat vegetables!!" well sir, I see fries on that plate...but yes fruit, veggies and veg soup. 

As per our rules we saved all of our sweet treats for the weekend and treated ourselves to froyo on Saturday. Sweet Frog now has Nutella froyo and my mind is seriously still blown about just how amazing it was. I think I made my best froyo combo to date with the Nutella base, raspberries, almonds, snow caps and some chocolate covered waffle cone pieces. Drooling just thinking about it...

So who was the winner of this week's challenge? Well at this morning's weigh in the numbers didn't lie...

Week 1 Winner: Anna

I mean duh, who did y'all think won? On a serious note though I didn't win by much I lost just under a pound and the scale stayed the same for MC. I'll admit there were a few times I slipped up this week by indulging in some small sweets, but I've learned it's not good to deprive yourself. Looks like MC better get excited about making the bed all week!
If anyone else out there in blog land actually did follow along and wants to link up with a recap of their first week I've included that below and will leave it open until next week's update. Can't wait to hear how it went! I shared a button on yesterday's post. 
Good luck on starting out Week 2's Challenge to drink 64 oz. of water each day. I shared some tips and tricks on this one yesterday if you missed it. Happy Week 2 Biggest Losers!


Lisa said...

awesome girly! i will be linking up later cause i won this week too!!! whooh whooh! I will have my detailed post later!

Keep it up!

Allison Hayes said...

Yum! Such good looking things in this post :)