Monday, March 25, 2013

BL Challenge: Week 2 Recap

Well friends, this past week of the Biggest Loser Challenge definitely had it's ups and downs. I was super busy at work and did make it to the gym three times, but it was rushed and as Jillian Michaels would say I probably was "phoning it it." I also ate a bunch of jelly beans and cheese, whoops.

I'm glad I can at least tell when I haven't been keeping up as good as I should be. Honestly I could feel that I had fallen off the fitness wagon a bit and this morning the numbers didn't lie! The challenge itself went well though, I drink so much water that I didn't even really have to monitor getting my 64 oz. in but it was a bit more difficult for Mr. Charming.

I gained two pounds, whomp! However when Mr. Charming texted me this morning with his weight (since the bugger got to stay home on a snow day, silly teachers) I was overjoyed. He lost four pounds! He's been doing such a good job with eating vegetables, cutting out sweets and unnecessary snacks and doing some workouts with his team at volleyball practice.

Week 2 Winner: Mr. Charming

Looks like I'll be making the bed this week! I was so proud of him that I picked up a few treats at Kroger when I was grocery shopping. K-cups are a privilege for us as we usually just fill the little pod with coffee and the Starbucks kind were on sale-score! I also grabbed some of Annie's gummy bunnies since he's a huge gummy fanatic and they're of a much healthier variety. Finally, we're both leaving town later this week so I got him a box of Fiber One PB&J bars to take with him to a volleyball tournament. They sound weird but are one of our new faves, even though they're marketed towards children.

I'd be lying if I didn't share that I was a bit tiffed about losing this week and having to make the bed. I definitely thought I'd be the winner all through this challenge but it looks like MC is up for the competition. I took my behind to the gym and ate lots of yummy vegetables so I can steal my winning title back next week.

For anyone playing along, how did you do this past week? Were you able to get your water in each day?

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Charlotte said...

Guys lose weight so easily; it's not fair! Ryan will step on the scale after a particularly indulgent weekend and say, "hmm weird. I lost 5 pounds." And of course I will have gained 5 pounds!! Don't get discouraged, y'all are doing awesome!!