Sunday, March 24, 2013

BL Challenge Week 3: New Workouts

Hope that week two of the Biggest Loser Challenge has been going well for everyone! First, I must begin by saying just how awed I still am from the actual Biggest Loser finale this past Monday. From the first time Danni won a challenge by herself I knew that girl was going to win and I was legit screaming when she did. Especially since she won by ONE POUND! How nuts is that?

Not only did she lose 121 lbs. during the season but she came out totally toned and packing some major muscle. I'm pretty sure that the doctor on the show said she made a new record of the amount of muscle gained by a contestant, I think it was 19 lbs? She is totally my hero.

My jaw absolutely dropped when Lisa came on as well. She was one of my favorite earlier in the season and when she left I was sad, but knew she'd continue to lose the weight. I couldn't imagine being a mother of four and going through something that hard while leaving your family at home. When she came out in that red dress I seriously started screaming. So much inspiration from these folks. I'm honestly thinking about making them the background on my phone because when I think about how hard they worked it will hopefully keep me away from eating a pile of cookies in the afternoon...

Ok back to the the actual post! This week coming up the challenge is to try a new workout. As I have started getting into fitness this past year I've tried some new things and have loved them. Doing the same thing everyday is not only boring, but doesn't help you to change your body. It's important to mix up your workouts and when you're running it's especially important to cross train and give your legs a rest.

Bikram Yoga is one of my new favorite things. It was really daunting at first, everyone told me was I going to pass out during my first class. However I totally rocked it (I think my dancing past kicks in to give me great balance & flexibility) and got compliments from the instructor. I'm looking forward to taking more classes with Bikram Yoga Richmond. Two of my other favorite workouts are Spinning and BodyPump.

I love that BodyPump gets me some great cardio, but is also amazing strength training. I'm awful when it comes to doing weights work by myself so I love that this class guides me through it. I'm sad that the gym where I work is no longer offering this so I might just have to join the local gym for some better classes.
Kettlebells are something have been extremely intimidating to me. The other week when I went to the gym with a friend I used one for the first time just for a few minutes. I really enjoyed it and have been looking into getting a set of my own. Since I haven't picked one up since then I'm thinking of trying out some new things with these little guys this week. This article shows eight different moves to do with the kettlebells and I think I'll try and tackle this after doing some cardio.

Check out my Health and Exercise board on Pinterest for some inspiration as you look for a new workout to try this week. Doesn't matter if you do well, but go out there and try something new. Don't forget to check back tomorrow for a recap of week two's challenge!


Allie said...

Hi Anna! I found your blog via the kitchenaid giveaway! I LOVED danni from the beginning too! Especially since she persevered on her own for so long. She is such an inspiration to me too! I LOVE bodypump! It pushes me further, and I am ALWAYS sore for days afterwards! Love your BL challenge :)


Charlotte said...

I love kettlebells! I took a class at the Y that was just 30 minutes of Kettlebells, but included quick bursts of cardio (1 min jumping jacks, 1 min mountain climbers, etc.) and it certainly kicked my butt!

Lisa said...

Hope your doing great with your workouts!!!