Saturday, March 2, 2013

Happiness Is:

A lazy Saturday morning. 
A great workout. 
A filling and nutritious meal. 
Indie/Alternative music in the background. 

Yesterday I shared a list of happy things from this week, and one being my current read, The Happiness Project. Well, I'd have to say that it's already wearing off on me. It has truly made me stop thinking about all of these big, huge things that I need to be happy. I know what makes me happy so why don't I just let myself indulge in those little things?

One of my favorite revelations of her book is that your happy is not the same as someone else's. Eureka! It seems like common sense, but I'll admit that my biggest challenge in life is trying to remember (and understand) that not everyone is like me. And it's a tough one, let me tell you. 

Sometimes I get jealous of people that I follow via social media or blogging that are hopping on a plane once a week to go and explore a new place. Or maybe they're just jam packing their days full of activities that seem like so much fun. Then sometimes this make me sad that my life is not like that. But alas I've realized a few things:

1. I've already had an entire year where I jumped on a plane every week to go to a new place and I had my fill. 
2. When I go out of town every weekend I get tired. I get grumpy. I get mad that the laundry isn't done and my house isn't clean and that's not a good way to start the week.
3. My happy doesn't have to be their happy!

So I take I took mine (ok and Gretchen Rubin's) happiness advice and did exactly what I wanted. I woke up this morning and lazily laid around with my sweet fiance. I ate one of my favorite breakfast combos of peanut butter and banana toast. 

Then I finally took my butt to the gym for the first intense workout I've done since I've been cleared for activity. First I almost died on the elliptical because my endurance is that of a 85 year old. Then I powered through this weights workout I found on Pinterest which I was pumped about because I like doing weights but I can never remember what to do with them-ha!

I finished it up with my second post-injury mile, and I did it one minute faster than the first one clocking it just over 12 minutes!!! After doing my PT stretches I came home and knew just what I wanted to fill my belly back up. A BIG bed of veggies with an over easy egg. Two more happiness confessions here:

1. I am enamored with vegetables and especially the fact that I can eat a huge delicious pile of them for a low amount of calories. I really don't get why more people don't eat their vegetables. 
2. I'm slightly obsessed with runny egg yolk. Anyone follows me on Instagram may have already picked this up. It might be a problem actually. #yolkporn

Thank you for coming on this happiness journey with me. I hope that you gained something from it too. If you haven't yet read The Happiness Project, I highly recommend that you begin to. Immediately. And do something today that makes you happy.

What are the simple things that make you truly happy? Have you realized the small effort big impact things you can do in your life for some pure pleasure? 

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Jenna Thurn said...

I love that quote. Happiness can be made and I think it is a choice you make every day when you wake up. Inspiring post. :) (And that meal looks delicious)

p.s. Thanks for following me! :)