Saturday, March 9, 2013

MC Is My Hero

Mr. Charming is gone this weekend at a volleyball tournament with his kiddos and that means a few different things. First, I came home from the gym yesterday, made myself a scrumptious dinner and finally watched Pitch Perfect. Yes, I'm behind the times. I enjoyed it, but I feel like it was way too hyped up for me. There were some good parts, but it's no Mean Girls or Bridesmaids. Then I cleaned the house like a mad person, read and went to bed at 11pm. A perfect Friday night in my book!

On the other hand, it means I'm helpless when it comes to technology. I've definitely mastered our TV which includes four remotes. Yes, four. The TV, cable box, DVD player and sound system. I had to write directions down when we first moved in because I would be home alone and get stuck with a messed up TV. After I had a nice little breakfast I came into the office to poke around the computer and I found my worst nightmare... THE INTERNET WAS DOWN! I quickly tried to see if I could connect to any of my neighbor's networks, fail. I immediately thought about getting dressed and heading to Starbucks for some internet, low point. Then I smartened up and texted MC.

I'm sure this is exactly how he was hoping to wake up and kick off his volleyball tournament weekend. Thank goodness for the only thing I like about Comcast (aside from them having the complete Downton Abbey series OnDemand) is you can call them and do a reset to your internet that always works. Looks like maybe I should spend some time understanding how the technology works around here?

Now that this trouble is behind me I'm gearing up for a big day. I'm going to look at one of my top wedding venue choices!! No specifics yet, but it's in downtown Richmond and I absolutely adore everything I've read about it. Hopefully we'll get to see our second favorite next weekend and make a decision (eeek!). I'm also going to go look at a house today, we're only looking to rent but it's still quite the task. The house is adorable but it's not really in the area we'd like to be in. I figure I may as well see something to kick off the house hunt and get an idea of what's out there.

I'm already feeling way too grown up for my own good today. Looking at a wedding venue and house hunting in one day? Who am I? Good thing I'm rounding this grown up day out by finding my inner high school Anna and going to paint pottery with Mallory this afternoon. Did y'all know I used to be a ceramics queen way back in the day? Next time I'm home I'll have to snap some pics of all the pieces still at my parents house!

Have a lovely day and enjoy this sunny weather, hopefully it's nice where you are too! Also...keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow's post...some big news coming your way!

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Mallory Whitt said...

Gosh we really are twins because I love use "You da best" regularly and people think I'm strange. I'm glad your wedding planning & house hunting is going well! Painting pottery was wonderful and we need to do it again soooooon. Enjoy another pretty day!