Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Magic Muffin

During the first week of Spring it snowed three times in Richmond. What's so Spring-y about that?! When big fluffy flakes started falling down two Sunday's ago I got a hankering for baking. Luckily my Foodie Penpal, Holly,  from March sent me an awesome muffin recipe with ingredients to make a few of the variations.

Have you heard of The Magic Muffin Mix? I had seen this on Pinterest before and was extremely intrigued. When Holly sent this to me I was excited to give it a try. Seeing the snow outside I knew that going for the chocolate chip mix was going to exactly what I was looking for. Gooey, melty, chocolate chips sounded like the perfect accompaniment to a snowy end to to the weekend.

Find the pin on my "I Pinned It, Then I Did It" board!

The first thing I loved about this recipe is that it makes eight muffins. I hate when I bake and end up with 24 servings of something. Far too tempting in a household of two! This is a perfect amount for Mr. Charming & I to enjoy throughout the week.

I didn't have any Stevia, but found some Splenda leftover from my days when I thought it was God's gift to earth. I figured I'd use it up and then will stock up on some more natural stuff. It made the batter super sweet, so next time I might go a little easier on the sweetner. Also, I went with a 1/2 cup of chocolate chips, I think 3/4 would have been way too many for how much batter this makes.

Muffins are a treat I really do enjoy but I have this stigma of staying away from pastries and baked goods for breakfast. They always contain far too many calories, sugar and carbs and barely any protein. I'm trying to shake this delusion from my mind as I know there are plenty of ways to "healthify" breakfast baked goods and I like to mix things up with my meals. Here are some recipes I've found that I'd really like to try out:

Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Muffins
Double Chocolate Chobani Muffins from Dinners Dishes and Desserts
Chia Seed Quinoa Muffins from Eat Yourself Skinny
Low Sugar High Protein Lemon Raspberry Muffins from PopSugar

Do you enjoy baked goods/pastries for breakfast? What are your favorite kinds of muffins?

Monday, April 1, 2013

March Foodie Penpals

This month's Foodie Penpals package came with perfect timing! Holly from Running & Baking Oh My! sent me an awesome package that arrived at the end of a cold and rainy Monday and brought me much cheer that evening. When I opened the package I was so excited to find it filled to the brim with awesome goodies. Holly thank you so much for the great treats, you definitely spoiled me this month!
 Look at all of those awesome goodies, Holly you are too good gal!
Holly definitely listened when I talked about some things that might be good in a box for me. I'm always looking for good snacks to keep around before heading to the gym, so she sent me some Luna bars and Larabars which have fueled some great workouts. I also mentioned I stopped drinking coffee for Lent so she sent me a variety of yummy teas that I've been enjoying.

One of my favorite things was that she sent me some recipes for muffins with the ingredients to make them--what a great idea! More to come about those later...
I promptly enjoyed some of the tea the next morning and have loved snacking on the sweet chili pistachios at work. I love keeping some nuts in the snack drawer of my desk for when I get cravings. Pop a few nuts and good to go. When it got snowy and cold last weekend I was excited to already have the ingredients on hand to do some baking and whipped up the chocolate chip muffin recipe which were awesome fresh out of the oven.

Another successful Foodie Penpal box! If you're interested in learning more about it, hop on over to The Lean Green Bean to find out the details. This month I sent a box to Kasandra at UrbanInSuburbia, go check out the goodies she got too!