Friday, June 7, 2013

Chasing Young

After coming back from Ireland in April I haven't really had the urge to blog. Mr. Charming even asked if there was something wrong with me when he realized the other day how long it had been since I last posted. Earlier this spring I think I got a little caught up in lifestyle blogger fever and started doing way too many linkups, frantically tried to gain more followers, participated in a giveaway, and was contemplating sponsors. No beef for bloggers that do, but this just wasn't me and I think it turned me off from blogging for a while.

I don't blog for that, I started blogging for me. To chronicle my adventures and give my family and friends far away a space to keep in touch with my life. I don't do things so I can blog about them, I blog about the things I do.

With that in mind I've decided to go back to my roots with a little construction of the blog and it's name in particular.

Names are pretty important aren't they? They are your most basic identifier and just simply hearing a name can bring memories into your mind. For example when I hear the name of one of my closest friends I am immediately drawn to warm memories of us together. However, when I hear the names of some people I've met in the past 25 years that weren't my favorite I get the opposite reaction.

Back in May of 2010 when I began My Semi-Charmed Life I didn't give much thought to my name. I had just finished a year in a traveling position where I kept a blog, Anna's Travels (so original, I know), and I loved writing posts to share my journeys with friends and family. I was about to embark on a new journey to grad school and wanted to continue this, however Anna's Travels was no longer relevant. 

One night I stayed up late and created My Semi-Charmed Life. She's gone through just one major design change to this current layout. Any long time readers out there remember the black, white & green getup with this little gal? Gah, I miss her sometimes!
That first night I chose a name in haste. Even though I'm a creative person I have a hard time being creative for myself, but the juices can freely flow when I'm thinking about others. I liked the word charm, I'm obsessed with the Third Eye Blind song and during that point in life I'd say I did feel rather semi-charmed. I've always had great friends & family and have had some of the most amazing opportunities thus far, but for a while there was something missing. 

Then Mr. Charming came into my life in early 2011, and he debuted on the blog that April. I'll have to admit that he's most definitely made life incredibly charming and not just from the Pandora bracelet he gave me our first Christmas and has helped me fill up. For a while life's definitely been a bit more than semi-charmed, hence my decision to name my Etsy shop "It's a Charmed Life". Now that we're going to head down the aisle I'm thinking I'll be changing more things than just adding a Mrs. and swapping my last name. I'm ready for a blog change. 

Don't you fret though! This blog will still contain the same general material...whatever that would be. I really talk about everything from my up & down running journey, food I cook, books I read, and my obsession with Greek yogurt. However you might expect to see some deeper posts as I think this last year of my life has made me really begin to contemplate particular things.

So with no further adieu, I hope you'll continue to follow me as I transition to Chasing Young. Keep your eyes peeled for some big changes coming soon, may be under construction for a bit. In the meantime if you need a daily dose of Anna be sure to find me on Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest.

Happy Friday lovelies!


Melanie Jane said...

I am so glad to see you are back! Name change and all!

asj said...

love it! now that I'm blogging again you need to be too, haha.

well, let's see how long I can keep it up. ;)